What Type of Content Get More Views and Likes on YouTube?

YouTube is a platform engaging the attention of millions of people all over the world. If you are planning to enter the world of youtube then you really have to be aware of what’s going outside in the world. The only thing that matters is the genre you select and the quality of the content you are creating.

The content should be worth trending and grasping that allows the viewers to hold the seat and their eyes should not be off from the screen for a second.

These days YouTube is one of the major sources of earning as well and it all depends on the amount of views and likes you are getting on your video. You can rule the world if you become a successful YouTuber and the only thing you need to keep in mind is what type of content can help you to reach the most of the population.


There are few types of videos that are liked by most of the people all around the world and it can be the beginning for you to reach new heights. So let’s discuss some of the basic video content that can win you thousands of likes and views for your youtube channel. 

6 Type of Content Get More Views on YouTube

1. Pranks

These videos are the most basic videos on youtube. All you have to do is do some silly stunts in public without harming and using controversial comments. These videos were not that much popular now but it is something that attracts most of the audience in their free time.

The basic act in these types of videos is ragging. It also helps you to reach most of the audience physically while shooting videos for your channel. You also have to keep in mind that it may not give any wrong message in the society or it may not hurt sentiments of people out there.

Single wrong step will also put you behind the bars or in front of the law of authorities. Pranks videos are something that can always hit the market on youtube and may give your channel a good hype.

2. Music Covers

Music Covers are something that are creating great hype among the artists. As of now you can find numerous artists on youtube creating channels of their own and making unplugged versions of Bollywood and Hollywood songs. This not only boosts your confidence but it will also give you a new name in public.

If you know you are good at singing then why don’t  you just try to put some of your videos out on youtube and let people hear your voice out loud. Youtube is a genuine platform for every artist who has a dream of becoming successful in life. 

3. Travel Vlogs

These days the  most famous and trending videos are travel vlogs. If you are looking for something that will give you the best of profession then travel vlogging is something you can go for. Travel vlogs are something that mesmerized viewers. The only thing you have to maintain is the quality of the content you show in your travel vlogs. People love to relish every moment you show in your video. All you have to do is be a bit of fun and interact with your audience and your vlog should be also informative.

The perks of travel vlogging are you can get sponsored trips or concessions on your vacation if you become a successful vlogger. So what are you waiting for if you are a real travel enthusiast and have some creativity inside you then just create your own channel on youtube and drop some staggering tour videos.

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4. Cooking YouTube Channel

Ask your moms about it. They have better knowledge about some of the famous channels for cooking. The amazing food we get to eat at home is somewhat a gift from these videos. Cooking videos on youtube are somewhat like cooking classes that help the viewers in learning the different ways of cooking food. The owners of these channels have enjoyed thousands of viewers during this tough time of pandemic when people tried a lot of new dishes at their home. So if you think you are a real time cook and want to become a famed chef then start your own channel on youtube and serve your dishes to your viewers. 

5. Product Reviews

Product Review videos are something that will never get out of trend, because if one wants to buy some of the new gadget or any other product then people like to view the review videos on youtube. The video creator only focuses on the product, the technology and the drawbacks of the product if any. If you are interested in gadgets and electronics stuff then you can give it a shot on youtube and share your knowledge with others. 

6. Educational Material

When you don’t get solutions to your maths or science problems then where you would go. The best solution you can get is on youtube. When you don’t have no one around then students will go out on youtube to learn something new. If you think you have the caliber of teaching and if sharing your knowledge makes you happy. Then just have your own set up and spread your knowledge among thousands of people. CrashCourse is one of the educational channels that serves their viewers with a wide range of topics to study.

So if you want to be a successful YouTuber and earn millions of likes and views on your content then these are some of the basic categories of videos you should create according to your interest. 

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