10 Different Types Of Trading Strategies

Types of Trading Strategies

Trading strategies form the bedrock of successful investing, offering various methods to optimize your investment portfolio. Each trading strategy is tailored to different market conditions and personal preferences. Let’s get into some prominent types of trading strategies: Types of Trading Strategies 1. Scalping Strategy Scalping involves making numerous trades throughout the day, aiming to capture … Read more

What Is Swing Trading?

swing trading

Introduction to Swing Trading Swing trading is a popular trading method used by investors to capture gains in the financial markets by holding positions for short to medium periods, typically ranging from a few days to a few weeks. This trading style aims to capitalize on the natural price fluctuations or ‘swings’ that occur in … Read more

Know How Stock Market Works

stock market

A stock market is a place where several traders sell and buy various shares of public companies. The stock market deals with several exchanges of these shares among various traders investing in it. To start our journey in this field we should know the term and conditions of this platform and also some basic rules … Read more

7 Tips on Stock Trading Everyone Should Know

stock trading

You may get advice like “plan your trade; trade your strategy” and “limit your losses to a minimal” online in only a few minutes for anybody who wants to become a successful stock trader. These snippets may seem more like a diversion to novice traders than useful information. If trading is new to you, your … Read more

10 Short-Term Threats to Stock Market

Short-Term Threats

Investments in the secondary market are always exposed to risk. The factors influencing the stock price are many. The risk factors that influence stock prices arise from inside the stock market as well as from outside. Surprisingly, many of these risk factors also help in stabilizing the stock price when the environment is conducive to … Read more

How Stock Market Affect the Economy

stock market

The stock market is a huge part of any economy, don’t you think so? Well, it is a crucial part of any economy, and most of what happens in the stock market affects the economy and vice versa. A country’s economy can say a lot about the stock market. Have you ever thought about the … Read more

Must-Have Documents for Opening A Demat Account

Demat Account

A Demat account is similar to a bank account, except it stores securities and other financial instruments in electronic format. The procedure to open a Demat account online is almost the same across different firms and institutions.  You have to select a depository participant (DP) which can be banks, financial institutions, and brokers authorized by … Read more