5 Trends That Give Way To Office 365 And SharePoint User Engagement

Profound changes in the world of technology are driving significant changes in user demands. This is continually pushing businesses and brands to be progressively customer-centric so that their demands can be fulfilled more precisely. Customer loyalty has become the real challenge for a brand to attain, especially when digitization is strengthening as time passes while making the competition and consumers more aware and powerful. Today, we all understand the fact that a brand is just perceived and commended for the user experience and value it delivers in the longterm. This implies that connecting with your customers and engaging them throughout the product life cycle has gotten vital to guarantee the competitiveness and viability of a brand and business.

As far as an online platform or software is concerned, user engagement is the real tough task, which requires envisioning, planning, designing, development, and quality testing all the possible outcomes in terms of consistency levels, user experience, excellence, and agility. To provide an extraordinary user experience, it is very important to understand various engagement/interaction levers to which your user could potentially react, with regards to your product/service.

Office 365 And SharePoint

MS Office 365 & SharePoint User Engagement

If we take a closer look at MS SharePoint, it will give us an ideal example of matching user engagement, and the secret behind this success of Microsoft is that the company has cracked the right trends and levers to keep their user engaged, and they have certainly worked in favor of them. Microsoft has been updating MS Office 365 constantly, only to keep its users engaged. MS SharePoint migration, upgrade, and deployment of Office 365 applications has become a completely new ball game. Deploying MS SharePoint is now entirely different from the way it used to be 10 years back. Now we have improved training and mentoring methodologies, which empower us to catch with the latest updates in a better, faster, and capable manner.

With regards to the deployment of MS Office 365 and SharePoint, one should not mess with it, because it tends to leaves you in a condition of ‘Analysis Paralysis’; that has already made different organizations got badly stuck and suffered. If you are unsure about the right deployment tools that your company should use for effective utilization and understanding of MS SharePoint; then you must always consider taking expert advice and professional SharePoint Consulting and Development Services, such as from Code Creators Inc.

5 Key Trends That Encourage User Engagement of SharePoint and Office 365

Modern business organizations are adopting MS SharePoint and Office 365 Applications increasingly, to enable their employees to attain their desired targets and needs, by optimally using these applications. However, mostly, they fail to use it optimally, mainly because of the lack of fundamental understanding, or else due to failing in coping up with the ongoing trends. In this blog post, we have discussed the 5 most significant trends, that encourage user engagement of MS SharePoint Online and Office 365.

1. Roadmaps, Levels &Stages

If you are trying to roll out the entire MS Office 365 and SharePoint; then you are probably attempting to swallowing up the entire elephant in onebite. Microsoft is constantly releasing MS Office 365 updates, which is putting the feature availability in great doubt. Because this increases the probability of new feature’s addition and old features’ removal to the situation. This could become a serious concern for you, especially if you are planning to release your product after a long while. So, our advice, in this case, is to always go in levels, and follow roadmaps for every stage, to acquire optimal understanding and grip of every level.

2. Educate & Guide Your Users & Teach Them ‘What Should Be Used When’ To Enhance Effectiveness

A detailed user guide has become a trend lately, and it is one of the most sustained trends when it comes to MS SharePoint and Office 365. Providing your Office 365 and SharePoint users with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide about every process and ‘what to use when’ makes the overall adoption and utilization process way easier. Not only this, but it also makes them develop a deep understanding in the longrun. Subsequently, a better understanding of the functionalities also results in improved user engagement.

3. Quick Sync of Active Information Directorieswith Your User Profiles

Any tool which provides employee information is usually placed at the heart of an organization. For so many years now, business organizations have been relying on using spreadsheets and legacy people search systems. Profile and information probing to find the right people to perform the job have become the foremost feature for which MS Office 365 is preferred. Also, paying attention to your clients’ and customers’ feedback and incorporating it into the business process is another latest trend, and with SharePoint, you get first-hand information. The way Microsoft is listening to its users, and releasing updates for improved and better user engagement and experience features. This indicates that populating on your user profiles is a key factor to keep your users engaged.

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4. Training

Training never goes off-board and it always remains in trend. However, when it comes to SharePoint, it is commonly observed that training is the part where most of the organizations cut in terms of budget and resources. As a result, they end up with serious problems. However, advanced training methods like third-part tools, explanatory video portals, and other learning methods have also given a great way to learn Office 365 and SharePoint.

We never find training going off-board in any situation because it always benefits the users and always remains in the trend. However, in the case of MS SharePoint, training is unfortunately found to be the area where most of the organizations cut their resources and budget. And the result is obvious – serious problems in terms of utilization and productivity of the tool. Nevertheless, advanced training tools and methods such as explanatory video portals, etc., and other learning and education methods provide a great way to learn and use MS Office 365 and SharePoint.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is at the heart of the modern corporate world. That’s why developing and maintaining a healthy and profitable relationship with your customers is very important. While deploying MS Office 365 or SharePoint, one must never forget the fact that in the end you have the lead the path on your own and leave the hand of your service provider. Therefore, you must never feel hesitant to hold up a meeting with your end-users to know about the learning progress they are making. Also, never ignore the rapidly changing environment, by keeping the users’ feedback in the loop.

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