Top 8 Tips For Hiring a Skillful Node.js Developer

Hearing the term Node.js developer for the first time? Do not worry! Among all the people reading this article, many are there, who have not heard this term and are completely unknown about it. To know in detail what it actually is, you need to go through the article.

If you are willing to control the development process of a real time developing web app then you should be looking for a skillful Node.JS Developer. In this world of today,  when the world is focusing on, understanding, developing and reaching new objectives in the field of Machine learning and artificial intelligence, there is a great demand for developers.

Do You Know Why Node.js Developers are the Busiest Developers in the World?

NODE.JS Developers are considered to be the busiest developers as they can work with both front end and back end development applications.

Now if I ask you Why would you hire a NODE.JS developer? Well NODE JS is a cross platform used to integrate front end and back end applications using Javascript. Developers are responsible for creating programs and applications that can be easily understood by the audience but they don’t have the knowledge about the coded program that lies beneath the surface.


Writing codes in script languages like JavaScript, IcedScript, CoffeeScript are the basics for a NODE.JS Developer. So learn here for top it recruiting agency in Dubai.

Hiring a NODE.JS Developer for a developing or developed software company, can prove to be a very beneficial step that can be taken up by the company. Now if I talk about skills, Skills are very much important when it comes to developing any software or web application. As NODE.JS deals with both Database and UI applications, it requires highly skilled developers to manage them. The skills required for a developer varies according to the designation of that developer which he is working at. For Example, the skill required for a Junior Node.Js Developer is different to that of a Senior Node.Js Developer.

Many will be thinking that hiring a node.js developer is a very difficult task but actually hiring a Node.Js Developer is not that difficult a task. You only have to consider a few points before making the decision. The top 8 tips for hiring a Node.Js Developer are listed below:

8 Tips for Hiring a Node.Js Developer

1. The Person should have solid Javascript Knowledge

This is the main criteria that a company should focus on before hiring a developer. Having Complete knowledge about Javascript is the first and foremost criteria before hiring any candidate. Javascript helps to work with both front and back end environments in the same language and thus beneficial from the software point of view.

2. The Person should have a concept of runtime environment

Node.Js has its own architecture and has different functions though it is based on the concept of Javascript only. So while hiring a person as a developer it  is very important to know whether or not the person is well acquainted with the concept of a runtime environment .

3. The Person should know asynchronous Programming

It is a type of programming that is used to increase the efficiency of the product by reducing the waiting time between requests and implementing one function simultaneously. So, while hiring a developer one must see if the developer is lacking this knowledge or not, as it might hamper their task of writing efficient codes.

4. The person should understand front end technologies very well

Before selecting a developer, we must ensure that the candidate is well known about the front end technologies –

Web development or more specifically front end development is dependent on HTML, CSS or JS and a proper knowledge about all of them is important to be on the eligibility list.

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5. The Person should have knowledge about Node.Js Framework

There are a number of frameworks available on Node.Js where you can work. A developer’s dedication, skill and passion is showcased only when the person puts all his knowledge and uses all his experience in developing projects

His skills are also showcased at a larger scale when he uses different frameworks. This is considered to be an important criteria for the companies while hiring the node.js developers.

6. The person should be good at handling errors

Errors are bound to occur, it’s important for the developer that he should be efficient in handling errors. Learning is always important, learning from your errors and overcoming them is something that companies look for, while hiring a developer.

7. The person should have some prior experience

Experience is something that differentiates between a developer and a skilled developer. A person having a minimum 3 years of prior experience of working with NODE.JS portrays his involvement in the project which is always preferred over an inexperienced developer. This is an important trait that companies seek while hiring developers.

8. The person should have efficiency on restful APIs

One of the most important skills of a developer is expressed when he is able to use and integrate pre- existing APIs. Before hiring a candidate it is important to make sure that the candidate will be able to handle such type of interaction that occurs in multiple systems.

Therefore, as the node.js developer can work with both the back end and front end development, a company or any person should select a developer based on the 8 tips that are required for the selection of a skillful node.js developer. 

This article tells us about all the qualities or features that we need to look at when we are selecting a node.js developer. All the points mentioned in the article may help you out with the selection of such developers.

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