What is a Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia journalism is the process of telling a story by combining graphics, video footage, and text, that engages the audience. Journalist distributes news content using media formats via the Internet or spreads the news report via multiple platforms.

Multimedia journalists work for newspapers, radio stations and television stations or social media.

Multimedia Journalism

It was relatively new and still growing and developing a new career path for youth. It grew out of a mushrooming of digital platforms and social media channels. An increase in the usage of smartphones which becomes an accessible technology has added momentum to this new trend.

A story can be told in various ways and multimedia journalism provides almost infinite ways. The journalist also has to make a decision like how, when and where to tell a story.

You can use the latest technology like VFX, animation, music, and graphics. There are various platforms available which sometimes complicate things like websites, podcasts, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, social media.

In this care, journalists produce the different formats of news for various communication channels, leading from a mono media to a multimedia news culture.

Media Convergence refers to the merging of different types of mass media like Traditional Media, Print Media, Broadcast Media, New Media and the Internet as well as portable and highly interactive technologies through digital media platforms.

What does a Multimedia Journalist Do?

A multimedia journalist combines traditional news and uses the digital elements to tell new stories. These journalists may work for media, radio, television or online media ventures.

Multimedia Journalist Duties and Responsibilities

As a multimedia journalist, your primary duties include gathering information, research, and creating news stories.

  1. Produce Media Content. One of the main duties of a journalist is to write stories and produce supporting media.
  2. Research Stories
  3. Publishing of Content Online.
  4. Designing Graphics and Video Elements.
  5. Promote Content on Social Media.

Importance of Multimedia in Journalism

Writing a story is no longer support to engage the audience. Multimedia becomes a buzzword for journalists. Adding an engaging element without writing on news websites is very much expected in today’s world.

Journalists are expected to be talented not just by researching and writing a story but also to be talented in graphic designers, audio recorders, video editing, photo editing.

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