What is The Importance of Journalism in India

Journalism is an investigation and reporting of current affairs related to politics, economy, fashion, technology, automobile, and many more to a large population of India.

Why is Journalism is Important?

The importance of journalism comes from people’s right to opinion and expression. As the right to opinion and expression is not possible without the media or press. Today people generally depend on media for being informed about the change. Media plays an important role in any democratic system. Media is the fourth pillar in any democratic system. Journalism is the ‘voice of voiceless’. Journalist acts as a bridge between high authority and citizens.

“By giving us the opinion of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community”.

Oscar Wilde

The purpose of journalism is to provide reliable information through a legit source and make a decision about their lives and society.

Role of Journalism in Society

It also a new way to contribute to society. Awareness increases day by day through many mediums. This is the main role of journalism in society.

Importance of Journalism in Points

1) Keep informing about current affairs
2) Keeping a careful watch on Government
3) Discussion
4) Promotes the Culture
5) Promotes national identity

What is the Importance of Journalism?

Mass Communication subject exist for many decades. Today’s technology adds more prominence in today’s journalism world. Today a journalist can travel to any part of India to cover any news. It helps the rest of India know what’s happening on another side of India. Know the importance of journalism.

1. Constant News Reporting

India is large as well as diverse in Culture, ideas and historic. To get update event news or any issues, journalist plays an important role by covering the event or issue and let people know what happens.

2. Awareness

After 5 years government change means the ruling party change after the election. Journalists play an important role in spreading awareness about the development made by the government or no development happens.

3. Discussion

Discussion between the journalist, businessman, politician keeps everyone on the loop of current affairs.

4. Fourth State

It acts as a fourth state of the Indian Government.

5. Open Platform

Journalism is a place where everyone has an equal right to share their thoughts, views, and opinions.

6. Voice of the Voiceless

They bring the matter in highlight to make high authority prioritized and do justice.

It is also a pillar of democracy.

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