Most people are aware that the success of an SEO campaign depends on a number of factors. It needs to be worked upon as a part of a greater marketing approach. There are many channels that have an impact on your success in search. This can be email marketing, social media, or traditional advertising and promotion. However, PR has a greater impact on your SEO campaign than all the other channels combined. Here are some ways in which public relations can help you achieve the main aims of your SEO campaign.

What is SEO in Public Relations?

It is a combination of SEO – Search Engine Optimization and PR – Public relations. Writing Press Releases and marketing them for the purpose to generate leads as well as driving traffic to the website. Also known as Internet Public Relations.

5 Important Points of Public Relations in SEO

1. Links in SEO

Links are still one of the major ranking factors in Google and other search engines. However, acquiring good links is becoming tougher day by day. You can make use of PR to acquire links from some of the most influential websites on the internet. Even if you are able to get a little bit of coverage on websites of national newspapers, popular regional websites, or well-known industry magazines, it can help in enhancing your SEO performance and help you derive long-term benefits.

2. Greater Brand Recognition

Having a recognizable brand is becoming essential to gain a SERP ranking and ensuring that famous their-party websites feature your brand. Google’s results for competitive phrases favor major brands as compared to the smaller ones. So, the only way to gain the lost ground is to establish a good presence as a brand.

If your brand name is being mentioned across different platforms such as new websites, social media, etc. then this is a positive indication that Google will move a step ahead in ensuring that you get a better ranking.

3. Reputation Management

Once people across something that they want to buy on the internet, they look for a trusted website where they can find more information regarding the product or service that they want to buy. If they are not acquainted with the information they have found, they will perform a quick search to look for reviews. They will take the help of review sites such as Consumer Reports or TripAdvisor.

If you are offering a satisfactory quality of service to people, then you will have favorable reviews on these sites. But people are fickle-minded by nature and even some of the leading brands will have some bad experiences, causing customers to write bad reviews.

Reputation Management

But if you have done some sort of successful PR activity, the Page 1 Results for your brands are more likely to the third-party websites which you have mentioned, be it a press release that was featured in a publication or a campaign that was covered in national news.

By doing this, you will have greater control over your online reputation. People will also be convinced to buy the product or service that you are offering.

4. Be Active On Social Media

Has your brand been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, or The Guardian? If you have gained coverage across well-known publications through PR, mention it on your website so that visitors can see it. When somebody is considering buying your product, they are more likely to try it if they come across well-known publications which feature your brand.

There are various approaches that you can adopt to gain good PR coverage. The most effective one will vary depending on the people whom you are targeting and what your exact goals are. You need to work that out so that you can select those options depending on your exact goal.

One thing you need to ask yourself is why you should use these tactics and why only now. If you can give journalists a good reply to both these questions through your story, you will have a good chance of getting coverage in the media.

5. Write Informative Press Releases

This is an old tactic, but the SEO industry has altered press releases beyond recognition. If you have written any keyword-oriented nonsense with a link and added it to sites like PR Web in the past, you should stop doing it now. Write press releases with informative content and distribute them among people whom you have found via research who would be interested in it.

In case there are targeted newswires related to your industry, you can submit your press release there too. You can take the help of well-known PR firms to create a press release on an interesting topic.

Author Bio: The author is a blogger with a deep interest in all changes which are taking place in the industry. At present, he is associated with AlKhadim LLC

, a leading firm based in Dubai, and writes on emerging trends in the SEO industry. The views expressed in the article are his own and are based on personal observation.

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