Importance of Product Insert and Warranty Registration

When we buy anything from phones to a blender, we do get a booklet inside the box, this is what we call a product insert. If you would have noticed, it is nothing but a guidebook that tells us how to use the product, what to do, and what not to do,

Warranty registration is when we fill out a form concerning our product, and the purpose behind the registration is to safeguard our product from all the damage. Conventionally the booklet that comes with the product also has a form attached to it that the customer needs to fill out and register for warranty.

In the modern world, things have changed and for good, we will talk about these changes and the importance of product insertion and warranty registration to maximize our purchase.

What are product inserts?

As discussed, product inserts are just some small booklets that come with the product when we purchase something. This is quite an important document and now with technology and changing needs, these very product inserts are changing. Traditionally a set of papers is now converted into dynamic QR codes attached to the packaging of the product, that a customer scans to read the digital manuals, and guides, and even register for warranties.

Types of information included in product inserts

Product inserts typically have multiple pieces of information regarding the product. From alarming you about the maximum usage of the product to using each of the elements correctly is something we get in these product inserts.

A modern QR-code-based product insert adds to these features and offers digitized platforms where customers can not only register their products but also manage all of them in one place while having access to multiple manuals, guidelines, or anything a brand wants to convey.

Why do companies include product inserts?

Brands have slowly understood the fact that modern customers want an Apple-like experience and they are trying to follow in the footsteps of this global giant to make a way in their customer’s minds. Apple is known for providing premium, hassle-free, and yet the most efficient solutions to their customers.

And this is the exact reason why brands include digital product inserts nowadays. Brands get to:

  • Present their product in the best way
  • Have direct communication with their customers
  • Build relationships for repeat purchases
  • Upsell and cross-sell their products

These are just the top reasons why brands include product inserts, there is so much more to it from building a legacy for their brand to being a talked about brand in the industry.

The Significance of Warranty Registration

Whenever we buy something, be it a toaster or a new iPhone, our first instinct is always about safeguarding this product from all the damage. One of the best ways to do this is by registering our product for warranty as now the responsibility is on the company and not on us to safeguard the product. This is one of the most prominent reasons why warranty registration is important.

What’s Warranty Registration?

Warranty registration is not as difficult as it has been seen conventionally. Earlier it was a much more taxing process where we needed to fill those heavily technical forms that too manually and then submit them to the company. Warranty claims were a different task altogether. But now things are changing, brands like to emphasise providing simpler and more efficient ways of warranty registration and eventually managing these warranties at a single platform with just one 1-click.

Why It’s Good for Customers

Imagine your new toy stops working suddenly. If you registered it, the company knows you own it and when you bought it. So, they might fix it for free or give you a new one! Without registration, they might not help.

How to register a product warranty:

Registering your product for warranty is one of the easiest processes that a customer can follow. Let’s talk about the conventional and the modern way of registering a warranty, and find out the major points of difference.

Conventional Process

Step 1: Purchase the product and find the booklet that comes with it. Fill out the form manually.

Step 2: Submit this form either manually or through emails and SMS.

Step 3: Get the confirmation of accepted registered warranties.

Step 4: To claim these warranties, connect with the support team over calls, SMSs, or Emails.

Step 5: Provide the proof of purchases and the damage that has been done to the product.

Step 6: Get the confirmation regarding the claim

Step 7: Repair or replacement of the product.

The digital process of warranty registering

Step 1: Scan the QR code.

Step 2: Fill out the relevant information in seconds.

Step 3: Submit and register your warranty.

Step 4: Manage all the registered products at the same portal.

Step 5: Select the product you want to claim a warranty for. Provide details about the damage,

Step 6: Brands get to see these claim tickets and work on them without any delays

Step 7: Get your products repaired or replaced within days of claim.

Did you understand how the process of warranty registration has changed over the years? The digitised process is the go-to solution for 1000s of brands and all the right reasons.

These warranties not only help in customer experience but also for brands to improve their ROI, and repeat sales just with the help of the data insights of these customers and creating targeted marketing campaigns as per the likes and dislikes of your customer.


Warranties are a very important part of any brand or their customers. For brands, it is the gateway where they get to find the important data also referred to as “First-Party Data.” This very data helps brands create an efficient yet budget-friendly approach to gain better attention and improve repeat sales.

Dyrect is an industry leader in providing solutions to brands that not only help them generate first-party data but also create an environment where their customer’s preferences are of the highest priority. The platforms show the brands how and where their actual audience resides, who are the ones that are purchasing but not registering for warranty, and what percentage of the buyers can be targeted for repeat purchases. Dyrect firmly believes in the fact that businesses are all about data and managing these data efficiently and that the focus of Dyrect has always been providing insightful and actionable data which brands can utilise and improve their ROI 10x.

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