How is Augmented Reality Reshaping the Education Industry?

Augmented Reality is the Future of Education and Soon will be the only reality Present Everywhere

A human work on a 3D model and our brain is the most powerful computer in the world. The way we function, think and store information, it is all based on a 3D model. When we look at a piece of information and read the matter or story, our brain converts the information into 3D for us to understand, remember and use in future when needed.

Let us suppose you are going for a vacation to some hills and you are able to have the view in 3D with all technical details of the height of the mountains, water density, etc. And all this by just wearing a glass on eyes or by turning on your device’s lens. It is all possible and most commonly will be used in training, education, online shopping, and exchanging messages on social media.

augmented reality in education

This is the future, known as “Augmented Reality” and this technology has arrived. Experts say that by 2025 we will be living in a 3D world all the time, everywhere.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality makes us believe everything like real in a virtual environment. It gives an interactive experience similar to our physical world. It will be immensely helpful in transfer of information in the easiest and fastest way.

Augmented Reality is gaining popularity and is successfully used by entrepreneurs in showing their products to target audience for business growth.The clarity and detail of product is so convincing to the client through online mode that it results into sales. The real objects are enhanced in such a way that they give a real-world experience.

For your information IKEA, it is the first enterprise to start with Augmented Reality to market its furniture. In this a user points the camera in the mobile application and then place the furniture (Sofa, table, bed, etc.) in the space where it is meant to be placed, so that customer can get the complete look after purchase.

Impact of Augmented Reality in Education Industry

Experts say that a human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than texts.

We know that to lay the foundation of future the most important factor is “Education”;and a transformation in this industry will make our future reach new heights, which is beyond our imagination.

Augmented Reality will bring revolution in education industry, just like it has bought in business industry. It will make seeing, learning and memorising things in such a way that it will be helpful for students to understand better.Along with visual the sound effect will amaze the students and will motivate them to learn more. Studies of this type is engaging and interesting for students. This applies for pre-primary schooling to college and even at jobs.

Augmented Reality is possible with smart screens which shows virtual objects. With this teachers would be able to show any object in 3D, which is practically not possible for them to bring to their classrooms. For example, a flying aircraft or volcano eruption. This technology can include any type of object that can be shown through visual effect for learning, and can be resized or moved.

Learning heart surgery through 3D module is definitely far better than through pictures or books. A Training to students which is almost practical develops a student’s brain and even help him/her in exploring more.

Also with Augmented Reality, trainings needed in military, space industry, manufacturing units, agriculture, etc. would be amazing in giving employees a hands-on experience. For the same respective sectors are launching their Mobile Application.

Below are few Benefits of Augmented Reality through Mobile Application in Education Industry:

  • Improvement in Learning Experience
  • Knowledge stays for longer period
  • Simplifies complex theories
  • Learning material is accessible, anywhere and anytime
  • Makes education interesting
  • Enhance student engagement with maximum discussions or interactions
  • Help students in exploring more sectors and further applying practically
  • Motivate learners with confidence of knowledge
  • Assist remote workers
  • Safe trainings with learning from virtual mistakes
  • Effectiveness in workplace training
  • Applicable to education or training in an sector or of any level

Let us also know few Challenges in using Augmented Reality in Education industry:

  • Technology might be a challenge for teachers/trainers
  • Dependency on Machine for this type of education
  • It helps in increasing productivity by clearing the concepts but will reduce our own ability of learning. Our brain has the ability of converting theory into 3D, but with this technology we might lack our skill due to habit of dependency on software.

Factors considered to launch a Mobile Application:

For the success of an institute in education industry, it is necessary to adopt Augmented Reality and come up with their own Mobile Application. This would depend on following factors:

  • Targeted Students/Trainees: General usage of the Application and purpose would differ.
  • Environment Study: To understand the potential and its demand, it is important to know the service type and market scenario.
  • Application Maintenance: Maintenance cost should be a part of planning as the upgradation will be needed with change in the technology of Augmented Reality.
  • Features: Necessary features required for a teacher/trainer to explain and a student/trainee to grasp.

Augmented Reality will ensure innovation and will keep you ahead in your competitive market by being the best education provider.

Final Words

We have understood Augmented Reality through Mobile Application and its impact in Education industry. We can see that it makes a student or trainee acquire and process information in a much faster way. It helps in remembering the concept for longer time and also in letting them explore more. It is clearly eliminating possible barriers in learning and bringing innovation.

Therefore, the decision of finalising the features of a Mobile Applications for the same holds the secret of its success.

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