Top 6 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing for small businesses can be harder because they typically don’t have the manpower and enough money. But money is not everything, right? Moreover, there are a lot of ways to market your business online effectively even for small businesses.

Well, now you might be thinking what would be the best approach for your small business to market it or promote it in a creative way? Upload articles online, get interviewed on podcasts, etc. But I want to share some effective, time saving, budget-friendly (even free) marketing ideas for your small business. Let’s dive into the ideas!

6 Most Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

1. Publish great content That Ranks & Converts

One great way to make your Digital marketing effective is to start a blog and publish informative content related to your business. It will be easier for you to publish content on a regular basis when you’ll own a blog, right? The readers of your article will be converted and as a result, your business will grow much faster.

Publishing content regularly helps small businesses to improve their online visibility, increase user engagement and to promote their small business completely free. You will get more engagement with your reader by publishing information your potential clients are searching for.

However, don’t need to create long and complex articles – try to cover different topics every time, speak in simple terms, use the keywords in a natural way that you want to rank.

2. Post Helpful & Informative Videos

Videos get ranked and a ton of views not only from YouTube but also from Google. You heard right, your videos also rank on Google searches and get a lot of free traffic.

When you target topics that have search traffic and you make videos on them – you will get visitors from YouTube and Google. You should actually make more videos to grow your small business because people have video intent even when they are searching for something on Google.

For example, if you had a recipe channel, you should create a video on “Grilled Chicken Recipe” as the keyword has 49,500 searches on both YouTube and Google and the first video has got 1.8 million views, that’s amazing! Once you have a list of topics related to your business, the next step will be creating videos that’ll rank on YouTube and of course, on Google.

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3. You Should Definitely Do Some Local SEO For Your Small Business

When it comes to small local businesses, local SEO is great. It helps to increase your visitors and get potential local customers. If you know how to play this thing, your business can easily beat the large competitors in your field.

Moreover, it is totally a free method. Though it may take some time to make changes in your business the benefits of local SEO over time can be huge. You can do certain things done to do better Local SEO:

  • Get your business listed on online directories. Make sure you always put the same information on all the platforms.
  • On your main website page, write the location as a keyword to your titles, headings, and body content. These keywords would be like “Immigration Lawyer Cork” or “Dublin Bakery”.
  • Create content (article or video) or pages specific to the area you provide your service.

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4. Get More Views on Quora By Using Smart Targeting

Basically, it’s a place where anyone can ask questions or reply to existing questions.

Quora is a Q&A site where you can ask questions related to your business, generate traffic to your website by building brand awareness. You can get even more than million views if ask something really important, and people also seek the answer.

But you don’t want to end up writing answers that nobody sees, right? The smarter way would be to answer the existing popular questions that are already getting traffic.

5. Translate Your Website into Other Languages

Make your website readable are the people who don’t speak English as their first language. You can get a large number of views from other countries like German, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Spanish. When you translate your website and make it readable for people from other languages, there is a big chance of getting tons of new visitors and they would convert into customers in the near future.

Now if you are thinking about the cost of translation, then I have a tip for you: offer your product free for some of your customers in exchange for a certain amount of translations per month. This worked really well and we did the same in the beginning.

6. Create Or Develop An Email Marketing Plan

Well, email marketing is one of the most reliable ways to get a strong return on your investment. It helps you to maintain the relationship with your existing customers and make new customers each and every day as well.

And there is no doubt that email marketing is a great as well as the most effective way to get new visitors engaged with your particular business.

However, to get better results in your email marketing – you have to ensure these things first:

  • Use creativity in your subject lines. Ask questions, challenge, use a short subject line and it would be much appreciated if you use the person’s name in the subject line and body.
  • You must ensure that each of your emails encourages to take the next step. Make an offer to your readers.
  • Always track the performance of your emails and the behavior of your readers. In order to do that run A/B tests to see what fits better with your list.

Hope, you liked the creative digital marketing ideas for small business. There are lots of other digital marketing ideas for small businesses out there – but these are the most effective but cheap ideas that will help you grow your business fast. And if you have any opinion or want to ask anything – please feel free to share it as it would be an honor for us to hear from you and answer your questions.

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