6 Mistakes to Avoid While You’re Doing a Small Business

Businesses can be risky but combined with smart and hard work, it can be a great success 🙂

Needless to say, running a small business has its own pros and cons. With realistic planning and better technologies usage, you can attain better results very soon. Meanwhile, poor leadership and improper business strategies can put your business in danger. Every successful businessmen would have made mistakes while starting and managing their business. These mistakes let them learn new things and paves the way for their success journey.

If you’re smart enough, you can read the following common mistakes made by business owners and learn what to do to avoid them. This blog will help you on when to be smart working and hardworking.

Without further speaking, let’s jump directly to the mistakes blocks.

Mistake 1: Starting the business with insufficient funds

Managing funds is the most critical step to be taken care of. Before getting started, make sure you have sufficient amount to sustain even when your customers didn’t make payments on time or when you experience sudden loss. Majority entrepreneurs would come with good idea and fail at this stage. So, here’s the tip: how much you invest in to while starting a business, you must have the money to keep the business running for two years at least. 

Mistake 2: Failing to follow the fixed schedule

Firstly, create a strategy for your business and evaluate it periodically. This helps you know about your business in the long run. To make the strategies happen, create daily and monthly goals; they should be realistic and effective. Unlike others, create a fixed schedule and follow it. During implementations, the strategies you follow might not work out. Be smart enough and develop a working strategy instead of wasting your valuable time.

Mistake 3: Hesitance to advertise your business

Many business owner considers advertising and marketing as the least important things which are not. They have stronger influence to address your business wider and faster. Let’s say you own an insurance agency, there are already hundreds of insurance agencies and how will people choose you out of 100? They should know you in the first place. This demands advertising which can be online, offline, or both. Depending upon the business market, people should find your business signs on the side of the road or find your website on the first page of google search results.

Here’s the marketing tip: Whatever content you write, it should be

(1) Creative & Crisp

(2) Easily Readable

(3) A touch of humour without offending anyone

The more they see about you, the more they would remember you. Period.

Mistake 4: Failing to update with the customers

Customer interactions have no end. Maybe a product or service, you must continuously send updates to the customers. It might be about the new feature you have added in the software or an add-on or offer to your existing service. When they get messages on a regular basis, they will realize that you are working hard for them. Besides, you will be indirectly benefited in several ways. For instance, the customer itself will recommend to his friends.

Mistake 5: Being more traditional than innovative.

Remember every business owners are rapidly moving forward using creative technologies. Hence, sticking up to traditional methods won’t always work. To become innovative, you will have to identify what works for your business and what not. With deeper research, you will get an overview and summary of your business. But if you are busy managing accounts and daily office norms, you can’t keep track of your business. This is where you need to act smart and take advantage of technologies. Get a software to take care of daily office tasks and make yourself free.

Now, you can concentrate on the main picture.

Are you wondering, ‘At what stage of business, do I need a CRM software ? Find it now?

Mistake 6: Overpricing or underpricing your property.

It is one of the biggest pitfalls to avoid. When the prices for your product or service is too low or high, you will eventually fail as you board more customers. Thinking that ‘pricing low’ attracts more customers is true but doesn’t always work the same way. Hence, find out the competitor’s pricing range, determine the market value, and decide the price for your product or service accordingly.

The above mentioned mistakes are the most common ones; you can see big changes in your business as you start avoiding them. Even though, you may face new problems while running a business. The tip is to look at the problem seriously and find solutions ASAP. You can also get assistance or guidance from others and get the issues solved. That way you will get closer to success stones quick.

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The business journey is never-ending and so enjoy the beautiful process!  

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