What is Pumpkin Hacking? How to Increase Organic Traffic

Before we directly jump into Pumpkin hacking. First, understand about hope marketing.

Hope marketing is not rocket science. It’s nothing but just hoping for the best and hopes for the best will happen.

Marketing a business by copying or look at other company strategies and hoping this also works for me.

I assume you know the term hope marketing. Right?

Now, let us talk about pumpkin hacking.

What is Pumpkin Hacking?

Pumpkin hacking is nothing but creating content on a particular niche that focuses on generating SEO organic traffic, brand awareness, and lead. You can create a specialized strategy following series of steps designed to curate valuable content for a long time.

Many starts publish content without any strategies for predictable growth.

How Pumpkin Hacking Works

As we’re talking about pumpkin, you must be thinking about Halloween and carving Jack ‘O Lantern.

Now we will understand how farmers plant a seed. When a farmer plant seed of a pumpkin in his/her farm or garden, they follow distinct steps that farmers must take to grow a large pumpkin.

Step 1: Plant a seed

Step 2: After the plantation, watering

Step 3: Pruning the vines, small and stunted pumpkins and create space for growing pumpkins

That’s how pumpkin grows in farm or garden.

Let us talk about how this process help in content creation and how pumpkin hacking helps you generate organic traffic on your website.

Step 1: Create a marketing idea or plan on a particular niche, now start publishing content on the website regularly. It will give you insightful data in analytics to understand which content users like the most.

Step 2: Once the content is published, you need to share the content through social sharing, email newsletters, advertisements, and many other off-page activities. It will help you expand the reach of your content.

Step 3: As you have published content and gain meaningful insights in analytics to analyze what’s working and what’s not working? After the analysis, you know which type of content works, and you need to divert your efforts on it and remove other content from the website entirely or, at the very least, which is not working.

Step 4: Once you have got the type of content getting more response now, time to focus on those things. Your content marketing plan requires a shift to top content topics and build more meaningful content following sharing as much as possible.

Step 5: Now enjoy the fruitful traffic from the most popular content.

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