Latest Top 10 Best UI UX Design Trends In 2024

Today, an internet user visits hundreds of websites in a day, and hence it is very difficult to stay creative and relevant while designing a website so that it draws user attention and keeps them engaged for a longer amount of time. Business entrepreneurs are focusing on the usability and visual appeal of their websites to provide an enhanced UX/UI experience to their users. And, for this, it is very important to keep a sharp eye on the latest UI UX design trends, to stay competitive.

In this blog post, we will be talking about the latest top 10 UX/UI design trends that are dominating the market in 2024; and see how they are successfully implemented by businesses and brands.

1. Minimalism

Among the latest UI trends, Minimalism is standing tall for a few years now, and it is not going anywhere in 2024 at least to lose around. We come across hundreds of advertisements every day and get constant discount ads and notifications on regular basis. Also, they interact with countless interfaces at the same time, which shows them an overwhelming amount of information.

To avoid this overwhelming situation, web designers keep looking for ways that make graphic factors simpler than before. Sometimes, by limiting the number of colors, or by trying new different compositions and proportions.

Today, element functionality has gained paramount importance. It is significant to highlight the best product qualities properly while also conveying the right emotions to the customer through its usage. Components used by designers only for designer purposes are now becoming irrelevant.

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2. Simplified UX

2024 is all about less complicating your interfaces, while not pushing your users to perform any extra actions. Hence,the trend is now to minimize elements that are required to be filled out by customers.

Simplified steps for signing in and registration have now become the latest trend these days. For instance, when you try logging in to a marketplace or retail account, you are simply given an option to enter your mobile phone number or email address. It does not require entering a password or any other login details.

Apple Inc. follows this recent UX trend and introduced a customized button that helps users avoid extra steps of registration. This no longer needs them to remember their password. By clicking this button, you are given two options, whether you want the website to see your email or not. A moment and you are logged in.

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3. Blurred, Colorful Background

The trend of using different styles to use gradients remained relevant for few years, and it is still in trend. Gradients are becoming lighter, but they are becoming more complicated at the same time. Formerly, web designers only used 2 or 3 colors, but now, it has increased to 8 to 10 colors. Additionally, an overlay is also being progressively used. These gradients cause erratic outbursts because of being so colorful. This is the reason why web designers from many companies are using this trend.

4. Unique 2D illustrations

Just like last year, illustrations are ruling the UI UX design trends in 2024 too. However, they have become less generic now. When it comes to illustration, web-designers used follow minimalism for illustration. In this way, they create web pages that are light and less overloaded, as well as more clear and logical for users.

Nowadays, designers are experimenting with unusual proportions, angles, and storylines. They are now using muted pastels or bright colors. These illustrations are making a bigger impact and becoming fancier gradually. For your illustrations, we would recommend you use SVG format. Because, the image quality is GIF, PNG, and JPEG formats is also getting worse; especially when the resolution is amplified. But, with SVG, it is not a problem anymore, because the vector format is capable of being increased and decreased without losing quality.

5. Voice User Interface (VUI)

VUI (Voice User Interfaces) have also become trendier in 2024; mainly because of the widespread and quick adoption of UX/UI design. It has become clear that web design does not need to be visual to work fine. The Voice interface is an internal interface, and it has more to do with data synthesis and context than actual web design. However, designers are keeping up with the pace to cope with the latest trends while providing users with VUI more often.

For example, today dozens of applications can translate a sentence or a word into any other language. These apps work in a way that you just need to click a button, and the device then starts recording and then translating your voice or speech. This helps you communicate with other people from different languages.

6. Pastel Colors

Designers are working more with pastel colors, as the trends these days are inclined towards simple web designs and minimalism. In this way, the unobtrusiveness and lightness of the design become highlighted. Pastel colors fit well into various concepts and designs very easily. Not only this, but they also set the right atmosphere and tone for different types of websites such as SaaS apps and e-commerce platforms.

7. Mobile-First Approach

Today, millions of search queries are generated from mobile devices. People are using smartphones for everything ranging from a café search to buying movie tickets, browsing their travel marketplaces, and even booking entire holiday trips.

Nowadays, web design must look good, not only for the desktop but also for the mobile app version. This is why the mobile-first approach has become a significant trend in 2024. Web designers are finding it a great way to improve user interaction.

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8. Glassmorphism

In 2020, neomorphic was extensively used in web-designing practices. It mainly represents two common approaches for building user interfaces. They are called flat design and skeuomorphism. Both of these UI trends significantly differ from each other and they are often considered as the exact opposite of each other.

In 2024, web designing has gained a new drive which is known as Glassmorphism. This trend has originated from blurred background or blur effect. In this design element, people feel like they are looking through frosted glass.

9. Complex Typography

Every web designer will agree to the significance of the right font size for a product, application, or website. Also, the user usually associates particular font with a brand and even identifies the brand with it. For example, nobody would use Roboto if was not associated with a big name like Google.

People usually grasp information quickly that is written with a noticeable and attractive font, because they don’t have time to read long paragraphs. This is why experimenting with fonts has become another latest trend. Today, web designers are using complex typography to highlight important information and convey it quickly to users. Websites built on this concept look entertaining and fresh.

10. Immersive 3D visuals

3D visuals are gaining attention rapidly and they are expected to stay dominant in 2024. However, its complexity puts a lot of load on computers. In 2024, 3D elements are anticipated to become more popular, while keeping the demand for AR and VR technologies in consideration. For example, in a new update by Apple Inc. for macOS Big Sur, the designers have added various 3D graphics.

Final Thoughts

In 2024, UX/UI trends will be a mix of simplified UX, minimalism, complex typography, pastel colors, and immersive 3D visuals. To succeed in creating an engaging and unique interface, we recommend you choose and combine several tendencies. At Code Creators Inc. we strongly believe that our main goal is to create trendier web designs, the latest, and up to clients’ requirements. And, for this purpose, we keep a sharp eye on all the latest UI UX design trends. For getting a dynamic website or app developed, contact and hire top web designers.

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