16 Ground Breaking Graphic Design Trends 2024

Graphic design is a constantly evolving field, and each year brings new trends that shape the way designers approach their work. As we approach 2024, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and understand the trends that will be driving the industry forward.

Every graphic designer has one question in mind. What will be the graphic design trends in the world of graphic design in the year 2024?

Graphic design is an integral part of branding as it helps in building the brand identity and informing the audience about the brand. Moreover, with the power of social media growing rapidly, designers need to create something new and eye-catching every day. It is essential to remain updated and understand the changing trends to keep their work going in the right direction.

There are already speculations around the design world about how the year 2024 would be. Every graphic designer is curious to know what the next big trend is in the world of design and development. Let us look at some ground-breaking upcoming graphic design trends in 2024.

Graphic Design Trends 2024

1. Bold Colors and Vibrant Palettes

One of the biggest trends in graphic design for 2024 is the use of bold colors and vibrant palettes. This trend is driven by the growing popularity of neon and fluorescent colors, as well as a desire for designers to create eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd.

2. Asymmetry and Irregular Shapes

Asymmetry and irregular shapes are becoming more common in graphic design, as designers look for ways to create designs that are unique and eye-catching. This trend is driven by a desire for designs that are unexpected and challenge traditional design norms.

3. Responsive Design

Responsive design is becoming increasingly important in graphic design, as more and more people access the web on a variety of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. This design allows designers to create designs that look great on any device, no matter the screen size.

4. Interactive Designs

Interactive designs are becoming more popular in graphic design, as designers look for ways to create engaging experiences for their audience. This trend is driven by the growing importance of user experience and the desire to create designs that are fun and interactive.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular in graphic design, as designers look for new ways to create immersive experiences for their audiences. With advances in technology, it’s now possible to create augmented reality experiences that are realistic and engaging.

6. Flat Design

Flat design is still a popular trend in graphic design, as it allows designers to create clean, simple designs that are easy to understand. This trend is driven by the desire for designs that are straightforward and don’t distract from the content.

7. Typography-Focused Designs

Typography-focused designs are becoming more popular in graphic design, as designers look for ways to create designs that are text-focused and easy to read. This trend is driven by the importance of legibility in design and the desire to create designs that are focused on the written word.

8. Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism continues to be a popular trend in graphic design, as it allows designers to focus on the essentials and create clean, simple designs that are easy to understand. This trend is driven by the increasing demands for simplicity in an increasingly complex world.

Less is more! It has always been one of the favourite approaches of designers. But 2024 is going to witness designs where the use of elements is kept to a minimum. In 2024, from print to the website, minimalism will be observed throughout the industry. Social media designs are using the minimalist approach for quite some time now.  Some brands have already executed this minimalistic approach in their ads really well. For instance, see the Airbnb social post given below. It has made smart use of a minimalistic colour palette.


Designers will stick to minimal in terms of the use of colours, fonts, characters, and objects.

9. Going 3D

The designing world today is filled with 3D work. And this 3D tradition will see a big leap in the year 2024. Animated 3D videos that will be seen are advertisements and social media promotions. Companies will be spending big time on branded animations. GIFs continue to remain the favourite. Businesses who are looking forward to selling their stuff through AR and VR experience with 3d effects, would create a long-lasting impression on the customer and be convincing enough to buy it.

10. Use of Metallic

The branding world is going to see a lot more use of metallic shades and metals used as material for branding purposes. Gold, silver, and copper hues have already been used in the packaging of many products. But 2024 will witness the metallic effect not only in packaging but also in other branding materials as well. The famous logo of Lindt, which has been gold, has always been significant. They use the gold colour in packaging as well.


11. Colour Scheme

Go vibrant this 2024. The colour palette will have darker shades, and the use of bright colours will catch the attention of the audience faster. However, black will remain the favourite of designers. FMCG companies especially are using fun and vibrant colours on their websites. Also, the use of gender-neutral colours will play a significant role in social media around the world. Brands will go for bold colours, but the colours must align with their brand tone and voice. Look at the bold use of colours on the website of the brand Lays chips. It has used a colour palette in sync with the brand.


12. Abstract Art

Abstract art is the new concrete form of art that is eye-catching for audiences.  The use of bold colours to create dreamy illustrations is an excellent way to attract the audience. In the branding sphere, the use of abstract art has been seen a lot. It will continue in the coming year too. The website design of Spotify is quite abstract with a minimalistic approach.


Open compositions in abstract art increase the viewer’s curiosity. The year 2024 will see a boom in such forms.

13. Line Art

Line art is a simple but effective way of describing concepts. It will be one of the most significant graphic design trends in the coming year. Line art goes well with muted colours. The use of line illustrations with animation is growing day by day and is used by designers globally. Bold brushstrokes coloured freestyle art or asymmetrical art; designers are using eclectic designs to break the monotony. This is going to pop up everywhere in the year 2024. Below is an example of a website design that has colourfully used freestyle illustrations.


14. Gradient

2024 will be a year of the magic of gradient. From simple graphics to intricate illustrations, designers are looking forward to using gradients in ways that have never been used before. Dual-tone gradients will be in play that would add depth and realism to the object in focus. However, multi-tone gradients have been used in the past and are still used on website designs. Instagram changed its logo using gradient colours.

gradient design trends

Gradients create an eye-catching effect and will be used in illustrations, backgrounds as well as typography in the year 2024.

15. Typography Design Trends

Designers will be all experimenting with typography in the year 2024. From isometric to animated, colourful typography is on the top list of designers. Many designers use colourful typography to create fascinating posters.

16. Hand-drawn Elements

Hand-drawn elements are becoming increasingly popular in graphic design, as designers look for ways to add a personal touch to their work. This trend is driven by the desire to create designs that are unique and eye-catching, as well as a growing appreciation for the skill and artistry involved in hand-drawn designs.

typographics design trends

This Panasonic ad has used typography beautifully. The essence of the Asian culture is well explained through the design along with the typography. Each letter has been designed carefully and speaks aloud. 3D typography is easy to create today as any font can be rendered in 3D. The use of bold fonts will be seen all over social media graphics. Moreover, handwritten fonts will be in trend on posters and social media.

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Graphic designing is today the pulse of marketing. The design should be visually appealing and clearly convey the message. 2024 will see some revolutionary designs as the world scenario has changed, as artists have become more vocal in their designs and express through bold colours. Brands in terms of design will go for the minimal approach. 2024 will be a year full of the trends we have discussed above. Some of the trends will reign, and some will dissolve with the lapse of time. As a designer, be prepared to change and adapt. And then go on with the mantra- Keep it Simple!

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