Impact of Technology Use On Kids

Kids of today’s generation play differently compared to the former generations. Some kids nowadays prefer to bury their noses in their gadgets all day. The time to stay outdoors is sometimes forgotten. These days, a lot of kids ask for mobile phones or tablets from their parents as birthday gifts instead of bicycles or baseball bats.

But is this shift towards a more technologically oriented era is a good thing for the kids of this generation? How does technology impact the kids of today? Read on as we tell you the way technology affects the youth of today.

Advantages of Technology Use On Kids

As with any other thing, there are pros and cons when using gadgets and technology. While connectivity can help kids with research and everything, sometimes it does have negative effects. Let’s start with the positive ones:

1. Gadget Integration

This advantage might not be a direct impact on kids, but integration with various gadgets and equipment isn’t possible without technology. For example, if you install a wifi spy camera at home, you’ll be able to view the recording and even control the gadget from your mobile phone. This ensures that your kids are safe at all times even when you’re not at home.

2. Virtual Learning

Certain circumstances will encourage people to stay at home more often. For example, we don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will last. And while this virus is still out there, kids, seniors, and even teenagers are mandated to stay at home and practice safety precautions. This stipulation will impact kids’ learning as they have to go to physical schools for their education. However, technology makes virtual learning possible. By enrolling in online courses, kids can continue to learn.

3. Teach New Things

They say that you can Google everything you ask, and the answers are at your fingertips. Of course, you have to take into consideration reliable sources to ensure that you’re getting the right information. Kids can do this whenever they’re curious about anything new they encounter. As you know, kids are exposed to various things online, offline, and on television all the time. It’s easy for them to type their inquiries on search engines. The upper hand of researching online is that technology also has features to block kids from bad content.

4. Develop Analytical Skills

Kids either watch cartoon shows or play games on their gadgets. The latter can undeniably help them develop their analytical skills. Playing games with problem-solving scenes and levels can help kids to analyze particular situations more objectively.

5. Interest in Tech

The more kids are exposed to technology, the more they get interested in tech and other facets that come with it. As you know, the world is becoming more technologically centric every day. More and more tech jobs are offered and tech-related businesses are sprouting like mushrooms left and right. This will make your kids more interested in technology and a career in it. Not to mention, tech jobs and positions also pay well!

Disadvantages of Technology Use On Kids

It’s recommended to keep everything in moderation – even the use of technology. Kids mustn’t rely on their gadgets all the time. It’s best to make them learn new things outside the internet. As parents, it’s also best to immerse your kids into the outdoors so that they become connected to nature even more.

One major disadvantage of too much exposure to technology for kids is decreasing their attention spans. Kids are used to having their way immediately when using technology. Due to this, it can minimize their attention span because they’re not used to waiting anymore. One click and they get what they need at their fingertips.

Another possible caveat of spending more time on gadgets is becoming obese. When kids stay at home all the time, they won’t spend more time playing outside. They tend to become unfit because of a sedentary lifestyle.

Overall, technology use should be moderated by parents. On the other hand, kids should know how to balance their time indoors as well as outdoors.

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