5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Your eCommerce Business

Are you dissatisfied with the new digital marketing efforts and believe you aren’t making the best out of your marketing spend? Bad sales, low scores, clicks with no conversions, or struggling to stay afloat on social media are all symptoms.

Maybe the most effective campaign campaigns will fall short at times. Or perhaps you don’t have a plan at all.

“49 percent of companies do not have a well formed digital media strategy,” as per Smart Insights.

If you have a strategy or not, these five digital marketing strategies will assist you in overcoming the digital marketing obstacles. They will assist you in staying ahead of the curve and increasing the ROI.

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So without any further ado, let’s get started.

5 Incredible Digital Marketing Strategies that You Should Start Using Today

1. Request For The Sale

One of the most valuable things you’ll learn if you’ve ever done some face-to-face trading is to request for the sale. You have a fantastic warm-up, a wonderful presentation, and a sturdy close. However, if you ask for the sale, you can leave empty-handed.

The same is valid with digital marketing. Your product page should provide all of the stats, as well as the most recent 3-D, 3600 videos, and AI-powered gadgets.

However, you will miss the deal if there is so much going on, several ties, and a vague call to action. Since the “BUY NOW” button is followed by several other links posing questions and trying to steer away from sale, the shoppers are leaving their carts in distress.

Here are few such ways of requesting for a sale that are sometimes ignored or undervalued.

Upselling increases sales by 30%. According to an analysis, just displaying a cheaper cost item next to the shopper’s option resulted in 4.25 percent of all shoppers purchasing the more costly item instead.

For instance, if you have just sold them a dress, now sell them matching accessories, etc. Cross-selling boosts sales and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), as it’s particularly an important B2B digital marketing strategy. 31% of retailers report conversion rate changes ranging from 1% to 15%.

Use multiple and clear ‘Call to Actions’ on each page, use one bold, attention-grabbing call to action button just above fold.

2. Use Social Media Sites to Boost Sales

For digital marketers, social media is definitely a life-long investment. The aim is to turn visitors into engaged followers, who will then become potential customers.

Include these social media websites in your eCommerce marketing:

Instagram: You can now make posts on your shop now that Instagram galleries are linked to your eCommerce store. So your customers can purchase it directly from your store by clicking on the picture.

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Facebook: Every month, there are 2 billion new users on Facebook, making it a strong marketing tool. Facebook advertisements have extremely targeted targeting based on demographics and location in order to deliver accurate information at a higher ROI.

Pinterest: eCommerce merchants will display any of their product photos. Pinterest fits well for businesses looking to increase traffic as well as sales to their websites because users like using the pin as well as save the ideas to schedule their purchases.

YouTube: With 1.5 billion subscribers, this video site has almost as many as Facebook. Businesses can use this website for free by uploading useful content including product reviews, explainer videos, new product announcements, and cross-promotions. It is also the third most popular and visited the site, making it the ideal location for building the brand and generating leads.

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3. Run Optimized Email Marketing Campaigns

Email promotions are a key component of digital marketing strategies and your sales funnel approach. There are several books and blogs devoted to email marketing. Here are several basic optimizations that are frequently missed or neglected, costing conversions and sales.

Send welcome emails : Sending welcome emails can help your brand to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your new customers.

Provide relevant info and tips : This is known as lead nurturing in the marketing world. Keeping the customers’ attention without bombarding them with promotional pitches goes a very long way toward building credibility. Providing interesting and relevant content keeps the brand in the forefront of people’s minds.

Send discounts and coupons : Customers love deals. Offering coupons and discounts can increase conversion rates by 272%.

Ask for customer feedback : An effective way to learn about your prospects and potential customers is to ask for their valuable feedback. This is an essential task and you need to make sure to implement it in the best way possible. The knowledge and data you will gain is invaluable.

Send wishlist reminders : Wishlist are like untapped diamond mines. Send them wishlist reminders to keep them interested and engaged. It helps to directly access your prospects’ mind.

4. User-Generated Content Reviews

Using consumer feedback in your product listings will result in an instant increase in revenue.

 Dune, a shoe supplier in London, announced an 82% growth in revenue since incorporating feedback. Credibility is the primary explanation why UGC reviews succeed.

Word of mouth is trusted by 92 percent of customers more than any other form of advertisement. They want to know the honest views of other customers who bought the same thing.

Some businesses will assist you in gathering and curating UGC for your marketing campaigns, saving you time.

5. Offer Personalized Experience to Customers

Digital Marketing strategies

Personalization is a significant brand differentiator. As retailers compete for shopper loyalty and revenue, eCommerce has evolved into “me-commerce.” Shoppers have come to demand personalized service and gravitate toward stores that offer it.

Online stores have an edge over their brick-and-mortar counterparts as they have access to vast amounts of personal shopping info.

Customers can be addressed by name when browsing online retailers, and they can be offered similar merchandise, discounts, and upsells when they make an order.

Following their order, they will stay in touch by sending congratulatory messages, soliciting reviews, offering special discounts, and promoting new products and keeping them active throughout the year.


Without a comprehensive, full-funnel marketing approach, no eCommerce company can prosper in an exceedingly crowded environment. if you want to really keep the sales rolling in, you need to start thinking up right away. You’ll be in good shape if you try a few digital marketing strategies at each point of the marketing funnel. just get started!

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