How To Become A Freelancer For A MNC?

The labor market is changing. Thousands of firms throughout the world are abandoning regular employment in favor of hiring freelancers. By solving complicated challenges, getting more work done, and completing projects faster, skilled freelancing talent assists these MNC’s in realizing their full potential.

Many are in a dilemma, can we do freelancing while working in MNC?


If your MNC is considering hiring a freelancer rather than a full-time employee, you might be interested to know that freelancers can provide a number of advantages. Short-term, long-term, and highly skilled technical tasks can all benefit from freelancers. This post will go over various reasons why employing a freelancer to help you build your MNC is a good idea.

Why Are More MNC’s Employing Freelancers?

There are a variety of reasons why MNC’s are reconsidering “MNC as usual” and recruiting freelancers rather than full-time employees. First, the recent pandemic prompted traditional MNC’s to adapt and adjust, resulting in one of the most important shifts in recruiting methods.

To be successful, MNC owners and managers realized that their employees did not need to sit at a desk in an office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Moreover, hiring more freelancers as a result of the rise of remote workers, online collaboration tools, video conferencing, and bright workers distributed over the world.

6 Reasons Why More MNC’s Are Using Freelancers

Specialized skill is accessible

MNC’s can easily tap into the expertise of talented freelancers. If a project in your MNC requires a most in demand skill set, you can find a freelancer who has spent years honing that skill. A freelancer’s experience determines how much value they can add to a project. Without investing internal resources or adding a permanent job to their payroll, the MNC can profit from the freelancer’s experience.

Work of extremely high quality

Because of their diverse experience, freelancers can dependably produce high-quality work. Before hiring a freelancer, you’ll have the chance to explore their previous work portfolio, read client reviews, and interview them to ensure they’re a good fit.

A larger pool of talent

MNC’s are frequently restricted to the area in which they operate when recruiting a full-time employee. They can access a wider talent pool from across the world by extending the opportunity to freelancers, allowing them to locate the precise expertise, qualifications, and abilities they seek rather than settling for the best available worker in their nearby location. Plus, with a job marketplace like Refrens, finding and hiring qualified freelancers is easier than ever.

A greater range of options

Freelancers provide an opportunity to broaden your MNC’s diversity. The flow of ideas is aided by diversity, which typically leads to better commercial solutions. A group of people from varied geographical places, educational backgrounds, cultures, and work specialties can greatly improve your ability to handle a variety of projects.

There are no long-term commitments

When you recruit a full-time employee, you assume responsibility for that person’s livelihood, and they expect long-term employment security. Freelancers might be employed for a specified length of time on a short-term project or to assist with long-term projects with specific deliverables. Since there is no long-term commitment, MNC’s have more freedom when hiring freelancers. Hence, it gets easier to align freelancers with company goals.

Reduced risk for the MNC

When you recruit a full-time employee, you’re making a long-term investment in that person’s future with the MNC. It costs money and time to train and onboard them, and there is always some risk involved. Working with a freelancer allows you to construct a contract with precise deliverables before payment, rather risk losing that investment if the employee decides to leave the MNC. Working with a freelancer also lowers the risk because modifications may be made without disrupting corporate operations.

How To Become a Freelancer In MNC?

Multinational corporations employ freelancers to delegate tasks. Often, they are seeking for people who have worked in a given industry for a long period. When you are hired by a multinational corporation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about your skills. There will be more obstacles, as well as, of course, better money. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most frequent ways to work as a freelancer for a multinational corporation.

Hold A Portfolio

Take the time now to construct a beautiful portfolio of your work so that it’ll be ready when you get a solid lead or want to apply for a freelancing job. Ensure that MNC may easily access it by providing an internet link to your website or by emailing a PDF. You may also want to keep a supply of pre-printed things on hand to send out through courier or postal service.

What should you put in your portfolio:

  • Make it clear what you do
  • Include your best work in your portfolio
  • Add client testimonials from happy freelancers
  • Please attach your most recent resume
  • Keep a file of case studies on hand
  • Maintain up-to-date contact information

Make sure your portfolio is up to date with your greatest work and that it can be readily customized to match the needs of each MNC.

Maintain a social presence

One of the most effective methods to demonstrate your involvement is through social media. If a potential client reaches you, you must be prepared to respond in a timely manner. As a result, maintain an active social media presence.

Some of the social media sites where you can receive leads from a multinational corporation are:


LinkedIn profiles are extremely important for connecting with MNC clients. Furthermore, LinkedIn can send you regular reminders when a position that fits your qualifications becomes available.

Take the time to develop an outstanding profile and keep it up to date on LinkedIn, which was created exclusively for business and employment contacts. LinkedIn is not only used by recruiters and HR experts to find full-time and freelance employees.

Assume you’re a photographer, for example. Instagram makes it simple to show your work. In addition, you can include a link to your LinkedIn page and other contact information in your Instagram bio. As a result, using social media to demonstrate that you are engaged in your work is the ideal option.


Another wonderful approach to making connections is through Twitter. Follow people and companies you want to work with to learn more about their industries. When applying for a freelance job, this will come in helpful. You can find up on their radar and have the opportunity to tell them what you can do for them if you remark on the issues they tweet about. You can also create ties with other freelancers in your sector by following them on social media.

Platforms for Freelancing

The majority of MNCs use freelancing portals to find freelancers. Make an account on prominent freelancing sites like Refrens and others if you don’t already have one. A corporation posts their criteria and your offer on their project on these sites. After that, the MNC will recruit a freelancer they deem fit.

However, getting hired through these channels comes with a number of drawbacks. The first is that you will be up against a lot of opposition. This position will be open to freelancers from all over the world. As a result, it’s critical that you maintain a well-curated and professional presence. Don’t forget to showcase your abilities and include a portfolio to demonstrate each one. Make sure you utilize the same terms as the client when writing your project bid. Finally, always be truthful and never lie about your capacity to perform a task.

Furthermore, before you take the plunge and sign up, make sure you understand the pricing structure, as it might differ from one website to the next. Find out if there is an exclusivity policy in place, which implies you may only work for their clients through their platform, even if the customer wants to work with you after you leave.

Pitch Using Email

This is one of the most effective ways to contact a multinational corporation’s client. It’s also helpful if you’re not sure if they have any available positions for freelancers. Simply email your CV, highlights from your profile, and portfolio to the relevant email address. So that if and when they need freelancers, they can contact you.

Another example is when they have previously made a demanding public. You can explain why and how you’d be beneficial to their MNC. Furthermore, you must underline that as a freelancer, you can deliver more. Make sure they understand that you are capable of delivering the desired outcome in a professional manner.

Finding MNCs that fit your specialization is one trick. Make a list of all the companies’ names and contact information, then send them an email with your information. If you’re pitching to a manufacturing MNC, for example, claim you can create a free invoice maker for their brand. Similarly, look for companies that require a service that you can supply.

Finding a freelancer Recruiter

Most multinational corporations lack the patience or time to sift through hundreds of proposals or emails for their project. They approach freelancer recruiters for this reason. These are individuals who specialize in locating the best freelancer for a job. They find the best candidates and put them in touch with suitable MNC clients. Because most of those recruiters have a direct link with MNCs’ human resource departments, this strategy is extremely effective.

You can find the name/agency that recruits freelancers for MNCs by searching for the keyword ‘Freelancer Recruiter for MNC.’ However, be wary of paying untrustworthy suppliers in advance for their services.

Commonly Use Freelance Services By MNC

MNC’s frequently use freelancers to help them address a range of problems; here are some links to some of the most prominent freelance services:

  • Editors and writers
  • Designers of websites
  • Programmers
  • Developers of mobile apps
  • Online Marketing
  • Designers of graphics
  • Representatives of customer service
  • Virtual assistants and administrative assistance

On Refrens, there are over 50,000 unique freelancer agencies and client skills available. Moreover, you’ll be able to find whatever type of freelancer your MNC need. The Refrens platform may also be used to quickly generate free online invoices, & accept international payments through their gateway making the process easier for MNCs.


To obtain freelance clients, you don’t need to be a marketing guru or spend a lot of money on commercials and promotional materials. Reaching out to as many MNC’s as possible and then developing relationships with those who might be interested in working with you is the greatest method to increase your freelance revenue.

Consider how you can best exhibit your talents and expertise, and show potential customers how you can solve problems and help them achieve their goals.

When pitching your services, keep in mind that you should always put your best foot forward!

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