How Can Nonprofit Organizations Drive Traffic Through Social Media?

Nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers and donors to survive. People need to see and hear success stories that will motivate them to participate in your organization’s mission.

Thanks to social media and digital marketing, you can use strategies to share success stories, raise funds, and create awareness.

For example, a nonprofit organization can build an active online community that engages with content and takes action. Here’s how nonprofits can drive traffic through social media.

Nonprofit Organizations

1.  Provide High Quality and Valuable Content

Provide high-quality and relevant content that adds value to your audience. People will share content that’s valuable with friends and relatives.

When followers share your content with friends, it creates awareness and extends your brand. This can include valuable information like relevant news in your industry or your advocacy. These things give fans a good reason to follow a nonprofit organization.

2.  Include Images in Posts

Add images to your social media posts. People process images better than words. Graphics perform better on social media than lengthy plain texts.

For example, posts with pictures, people’s faces, or images get more likes and shares than blocks of texts. When presenting large amounts of data, infographics are a good option to present them online. It’s easier to digest and understand.

Software like Canva creates unique and interesting images that you can share on social media platforms.

3.  Create Videos

When conducting online marketing for nonprofits, consider creating and sharing videos. Having a dedicated channel that is optimized for search will help in your marketing strategy.

YouTube offers this kind of channel through Google for Nonprofit. Share interesting stories and documentaries through a YouTube video.

Nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising, and videos make it easy to raise money and meet marketing goals. YouTube videos for nonprofits have features like a donate button that motivates viewers to take action and support the nonprofit.

Educational videos can also help create awareness and attract donors and volunteers. Most people watch videos online, and this can help drive traffic to your organization’s website.

4.  Create Contests

A contest is a great way to create meaningful engagement on social media. You can hold contests on different social media platforms.

Such activities can encourage new followers to join your community. Some followers can become volunteers, donors, or active fans.

Contests can also involve liking to win, commenting, writing interesting captions, or any other activity that needs interaction. Promote your contests on all your social media platforms.

Give prizes that are related to what your organization is doing. For example, give a ticket to a charity event or membership of a club related to your organization.

5.  Respond Promptly to Followers

Followers can ask questions or post a comment that needs a response. It is important to read comments or messages and respond promptly.

Responding to followers builds trust and credibility. It shows you value, and care for your fans. Giving followers a good social media experience creates loyal fans and encourages more people to follow you.

6.  Include Humor

Social media is a place to relax and engage less formally. Have some fun. Don’t be too formal or strict.

Showing humanity using humor to pass a message entertains followers. Sharing content that’s fun but relevant to your brand and mission helps to engage followers as well.

Interesting and relevant memes or pictures can be fun and educational at the same time. On the other hand, sharing content that does not match your brand or image can confuse followers, and some might unfollow.

Popular Social Media Platforms for Nonprofits

Social media platforms can help boost an organization’s online presence. Marketers for nonprofit organizations can use the right strategies for the right social media to create visibility.

This can help in getting the best result with the right social media marketing campaign. Here are popular social media platforms that nonprofits can leverage.

1.   Facebook

Facebook is one of the most active social media sites, with 2.8 billion active users every month.

Nonprofits can use the Facebook platform to post short but compelling stories about what the organization is doing.

You can upload a picture, use a relevant hashtag, and include a donation button at the top of your post. You can also run Facebook ads to reach targeted fans and donors.

2.   YouTube

YouTube video is an effective way to carry out your marketing campaign. It has monthly active users of up to 2 billion.

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Features like Super Chat on Google for Nonprofit platforms can help you create awareness. This feature emphasizes a particular message many times during a live chat. The live chat can be a fundraising activity. Users pay for this type of service.

3.   Instagram

Instagram is popular among audiences between the ages of 18 to 34 years. Such followers could be interested in participating in your organization’s activities.

Share with them interesting stories on Instagram. High-resolution pictures and live events during fundraising can help reach more young people and drive traffic to your website.

4.   Twitter

Twitter is another popular social media site with 330 million active users that you can reach. Write a clear message about your organization in your bio.

When fans, donors, or volunteers who search and find your organization will understand its mission. Share your Twitter account on other social media channels and encourage fans to follow.

5.   Pinterest

Showcase events using pictures on Pinterest and share relevant data using infographics. People can understand estimates and figures on infographics better than on plain text and numbers.

Strong visuals perform well and drive traffic to an organization’s website. Pinterest has 454 monthly active users. This makes it a good platform to showcase your work and drive traffic.

6.   TikTok

TikTok has 1.1 billion active users every month. If you have relevant short videos, share them on TikTok. Such videos can inspire Generation Z or other TikTok fans to participate in an organization’s mission.


Nonprofit organizations can use social media strategically to drive traffic to their websites. You can connect with stakeholders and find volunteers or donors that will help you accomplish your mission. Social media is a place where you can remain visible to the right people and expand your reach.

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