Best Hyperledger Projects For Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Hyperledger is a chain of open-source Blockchains used for industry-wide collaboration. It is well-acclaimed for its enterprise-compatible resources.

Unlike Ethereum, Hyperledger bolsters limited access to the participants within the network. It does not indulge in peer-to-peer dependence while initiating or executing transactions by utilizing distributed ledger technology (DLT).

It is considered one of the most secure and private Blockchain environments that ensure maximum confidentiality in cryptographic transactions.

Hyperledger focuses on creating and implementing enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions that comply with the demands of vendors, end-users, established organizations, startups, and educational institutions.

Hyperledger features frameworks, libraries, and resourceful tools for enabling effective process management.

This blog post will walk you through the fundamentals of popular Hyperledger projects used to install, develop, and deploy intuitive Blockchain solutions.

hyperledger projects

What Are Hyperledger Projects?

Hyperledger projects are open-source Software built by Blockchain developers to provide a compatible, efficient, and feature-packed environment through frameworks, libraries, and tools for creating and deploying enterprise-grade Blockchain networks or commercial solutions.

These projects provide effective program management tools for open-source Blockchain solutions.

Which Are the Best Hyperledger Projects Used For Enterprise Blockchain Solutions?

Hyperledger projects simplify, strengthen, and smarten the development of enterprise Blockchain solutions.

The Hyperledger projects provide collaborative design and an easy governance model embracing the overall development of Blockchain apps.

Let us explore the most popular Hyperledger project used by the developers in the market.

1. Hyperledger Aries

It is Software featuring a distributed, reusable, and interoperable toolkit for managing verifiable entities of data shared by the holders for verification at the verifier’s end. It indulges in Blockchain-rooted elements for secure secret management.

2. Hyperledger Besu

Hyperledger Besu is an Ethereum client that reads blocks in public and permissioned networks. The project utilizes sophisticated consensus algorithms, i.e., PoW and PoA. This Hyperledger project runs compatibly on popular test frameworks like Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Görli.

3. Hyperledger Fabric

This Hyperledger project paves the foundation for a smooth implementation of modular architecture to execute consensus and membership services. The versatile diverse, and interactive design techniques within the Hyperledger Fabric package conform to dynamic industry requirements.

4. Hyperledger Indy

Hyperledger Indy is a package of tools, libraries, and reusable development components facilitating an effective and time-efficient identification of domains, applications, and data silos. It features interoperability across other Blockchains and also showcases standalone decentralization identity.

5. Hyperledger Iroha

Hyperledger Iroha transpires easy incorporation of distributed ledger technology into IoT projects. It uses modularized domain-driven and client-focused consensus algorithms known as YAC.

6. Hyperledger Sawtooth

Through consensus algorithms, it shares updates to external parties interacting with the distributed ledgers. The project follows modular architecture extracting application domain from the core structure of the Smart Contracts and specifies application protocols abstracting the fundamental design.

7. Hyperledger Bevel

Hyperledger is a Blockchain accelerator used to launch ready-to-function decentralized networks through private and public cloud providers.

8. Hyperledger Cactus

Hyperledger Cactus is a designated Blockchain framework used to incorporate across multiple Blockchains. The framework utilizes a set of libraries, data models, and SDK for the faster development of independent Blockchain applications.

9. Hyperledger Caliper

This Blockchain project streamlines the performance and implementation of Blockchain solutions. The reports generated by Hyperledger Caliper comprises multiple performance indicators referring to other solutions, such as Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Burrow, Ethereum, Fabric, Iroha, Sawtooth, etc.

10. Hyperledger Cello

This Hyperledger solution acts as the operational dashboard streamlining the other participating Blockchains. Moreover, it manages other infrastructure elements, i.e., virtual machines and other container platforms.

11. Hyperledger Explorer

Hyperledger Explorer functions as an interactive web-based tool. It manages transactions, blocks of data, and other network information comprehensively.

12. Hyperledger Firefly

Hyperledger FireFly is an enterprise model for creating decentralized applications in a Blockchain-based development environment. The solution uses REST APIs and an event-driven development model to meet the diverse enterprise needs.

13. Hyperledger Grid

Hyperledger Grid refers to implementing supply chain-oriented data types, data models, and Smart Contracts. It utilizes open standards for authenticating combined Hyperledger stack to unified and effective business solutions.

14. Hyperledger Transact

Hyperledger Transact simplified the development of distributed ledger through a standard interface isolated from regular implementation. It utilizes a shared library that streamlines the development and execution of Smart Contracts. It indulges in an extensible approach for adaption for virtual machines and interpreters.

15. Hyperledger Ursa

Hyperledger Ursa project features simplified, consolidated, interoperable, and trusted adaption of cryptographic libraries, code, and interfaces in DLT projects. It enhances the development security by restraining duplicating cryptographic work.

16. Hyperledger Burrow

Burrow is a Hyperledger framework for creating and executing Smart Contracts in the permissioned Blockchain network. It supports and provides tools for commercial implementation of Blockchain technology. It further helps and meets cross-industry of the commercial Blockchain projects with no transaction or mining fees payable.

17. Hyperledger Quilt

Hyperledger Quilt facilitates cross-Blockchain communication by implementing Interledger Protocol (ILP). It adapts simple and fast-paced communication managed by coordination between values of multiple ledgers.

This project utilizes value interoperability in the asset management system that features cryptocurrencies, in-game items, and other cryptographic tokens.

The main objective of these enterprise Blockchain solutions is to enhance the development and code management capabilities. These use cases help in streamlining cross-industry requirements and the large-scale adoption of capable digital currencies.

Such characteristics allow interoperable payments through higher layer use cases.


Hyperledger projects provide infrastructure resources for creating and managing open-source Blockchain and decentralized applications. These applications can be incorporated easily into the real-time infrastructure enriching personalized features and functionalities.

Working with a Blockchain development company, you can consider the best implementation of the Hyperledger projects discussed in this blog post.

All Hyperledger projects follow modular architecture featuring high scalability and interoperability. It engages in a consistent integration and development of an ecosystem of private chains focusing on a specific market.

These platforms engage in the flexible creation of custom Blockchains with specific rules designed for dedicated business processes. The tools made available within the Hyperledger project package are safeguarding identifiable information from detrimental cyberattacks and data breaches.

These solutions bolster custom-made and enterprise Blockchain solutions with customized access and a fault-tolerant protocol securing transactions and integrity.

Author Bio

Brian Comel is a Senior Blockchain developer working on Hyperledger projects for more than five years. He often pens down his expertise and pragmatic knowledge through blogs and journals.

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