8 Facebook Marketing Strategies To Go Ahead of Your Competitors

Facebook is not only a social media platform. Now, even entrepreneurs are using it as a tool to market services or products easily and efficiently. 

Since its mantra is to bring the world closer together, Facebook has accumulated numerous audiences which is unthinkable for a digital marketer to ignore. As per its latest report, it already has around 1.56 billion daily active users. As a social media platform, it serves as a host for various potential audiences for businesses via digital marketing methods. 

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Now if you want to harness Facebook to excel in your industry, you have studied the strategies that will get you there.

But first…

The Stats You Need to Know

Facebook shares a major influence in shaping the world of digital marketing – and with good reasons. If you are a marketer and you are planning to use Facebook in your campaign, here are some facts you need to know:

1. The average user spends 60 minutes or 1 hour per day on Facebook.

This signifies those billions of active users spend almost an hour per day browsing the app. Whatever the purpose is – entertainment, shopping, or learning – Facebook plays a substantial role in a consumer’s daily routine. For entrepreneurs, the time spent on social media apps is an indicator for advertising. With the help of Facebook statistics, tips like when are the best time to post are also available.

2. Reaching 59% of social media users, Facebook leads as the top social media platform.

Facebook has dominated social media since its creation. It still tops the list even if there are diverse social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat that share significant popularity. Facebook has exceeded expectations and continually evolves to support and meet the needs of its users. That is why Facebook is not just a social platform, but it became a way of life for billions of users around the world.

3. In the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, Facebook generated $27.2 billion in advertisement revenue.

The bulk of Facebook’s revenue mainly comes from marketers. Due to its wide audience reach and demand among entrepreneurs, the majority of the income of Facebook comes from advertisements. This shows how effective digital marketing is due to ad demands even amid problems upon the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 

4. Facebook has more than 200 million small and medium businesses globally that are using its tools.

Marketers have utilized Facebook to expand brand awareness and promote a positive image for their business. The Facebook Page, wherein businesses publish their content regarding the services and products offered, is the most popular tool for entrepreneurs. By creating a Facebook Page, businesses could reach communities, build an audience, and connect with people which could either be interested in what they have in store. 

5. Around 78% of US consumers find products to buy through Facebook.

Facebook is also useful as a tool for discovery. By connecting customers to the brands and products, people actively discover new offers on their feeds, messages, groups, and pages. When users turn into fans or subscribers, it is much easier for them to be updated since Facebook algorithms would display related content based on their preferences. Through browsing and searching for content, advertisements could easily reach target audiences which enables marketers to drive more leads and sales. 

Why Market in Facebook

Some marketers still find it hard to generate leads from their desired target audience even though if they engaged in Facebook marketing. This is because marketing does not end at creating a Facebook page. Rather, the complexity of marketing strategy plays a big factor to get the desired results for your business.

Thus, if you are having a hard time generating engagements because of bad advertisements, boring content, and ineffective marketing, then you might consider stepping your marketing strategy to fit the needs of your business.

Here are various reasons as to why Facebook can help your business thrive:

Facebook is the largest social media platform since it even started

According to Statista, Facebook has 2.895 billion users in total which translates to billions of potential customers. This makes Facebook the largest social networking site that will help you gain business presence and exposure. Sharing basic information, photos, and videos of your business for the consumption of users has never been this accessible. 

Facebook has developed an efficient advertising/marketing system

Facebook marketing has helped marketers by creating an advertising system that enables businesses to utilize user information for targeted advertising. You can create a design for Facebook Post and then use it to attract your target audience. Through targeted advertising, Facebook can analyze information or demographics to be used by entrepreneurs to reach a specific group of customers sharing particular interests of services or products. Moreover, by posting links to your website, marketers can increase engagement by adding more traffic and online visits.

Facebook provides customer support 

In Facebook, there is two-way communication between the client and the business holder through a messaging service. This enables the customer to send feedbacks or after-sales inquiries without the need to call or talk privately. It is a bonus to gather reviews, comments, or reactions to establish parameters for improvement.

Cost Efficiency/Budget Friendly

In terms of cost-efficiency, Facebook marketing strategies is also perfect for low-cost marketing strategies. Compared to other marketing channels, Facebook enables small to medium entrepreneurs to market efficiently without spending thousands of dollars. Imagine paying an average of $115,000 for a 30-second commercial on a national network and $2,000 to $50,000 on TV ad productions. Even Facebook for Business argues that some people spend more on coffee each day than running their ad campaigns. To cap it up, you could even adjust your ads based on your budget. If I were you, run those budget-friendly ads now!

Your page has been published successfully and you are on your way to market your services and products. After several weeks, your page is still unproductive.

These are the common problems of entrepreneurs that only focus on their product but lacks the concept of marketing. 

8 Winning Facebook Marketing Strategies to Put You Ahead of Your Competitors

Marketing is an integral part of an entrepreneur’s success. If you want to earn your success, you might consider these 8 winning Facebook marketing strategies that will not only boost your performance ratings but would even put you ahead of your competitors.

1. Use Social Media Automation

Marketing automation works by utilizing software to automate repetitive marketing tasks such as nurturing leads. Examples of this software include customer relationship management – CRM software and customer data platform (CDP) software. 

It is also one of the best ways of enhancing personalized customer experience. This is achievable through the assessment of leads and instant notification via social media monitoring and analytics.

By determining which posts are more engaging and which posts need improvement, it is easier to filter content to suit the taste of audiences for a specific business. The end goal of marketing-automation efforts is to gain conversions, create qualified leads, and market or scale and personalized messages.

2. Publishing Content

Content publishing is a basic tool that you can use to boost your business. But it is not just about posting lengthy narratives or witty news. Content can also be in the form of photos, videos, slides, and blog posts. 

With several options to choose from, there are several parameters that you need to consider before you publish your content. 

  1. Is your content timely?

Marketers should consider content that is significant or appropriate today and would have the longevity to stay relevant ahead of time.

  1. Is it relevant to your target audience?

The intention of your content should be targeted towards the interest of your audience. This should inform and educate the customer regarding the products and services you want to offer.

  1. Is your content engaging or captivating to the reader?

Avoid dull topics that would be disregarded. Try to create a design for Facebook Post that is interesting, fresh, and informative topics that will demand attention from your reader.

3. Create content curation ideas

To publish timely, relevant, and engaging content, marketers apply content curation. This is the process of gathering information that is relevant to a specific topic or area of interest. Here are 5 major steps for content curation.

  1. Assembly 

A marketer should gather topics or content within the field and interests of their target audience.

  1. Selection

Be selective towards your content since not all are relevant or worthy of sharing. Establish filters and parameters to sort out the data and information which should be highlighted.

  1. Categorization

For optimal engagement, it is best to sort out which content will go to a specific distribution channel. There are various forms of content such as infographics, blog posts, news, and more. This will then be distributed towards different channels such as social media, websites, newsletters, blogs and alike. Decide and strategize which content is appropriate for a certain distribution channel.

  1. Commentary

To add distinction to your content, adding your opinion or take on the matter can make your post more engaging. This shows that you do not simply copy-paste your facts.

  1. Presentation

Make your content more engaging by giving it a visual makeover. You could turn your data into graphics rather than display it as text. This will make your content less boring and easier to read.

4. Know your audience and be engaged with them

After gathering leads, the next step is to know and engage potential customers. By having social media automation tools that can help you engage with your audience across several platforms, it is easier for an entrepreneur to connect with the audience and provide an efficient response.

Social media platforms are built as networks to discuss, converse, and share content. Here are some tips to continually engage with your audience:

  1. Interact with users by responding to their comments and discussions on your post.
  2. Stay engaged by reaching out to people sharing topics and content that are related to your field of interest.
  3. Add relevant hashtags to your content or post.
  4. Share surveys and polls to gather opinions from your audience.
  5. Periodically give prizes and run contests or games.
  6. Engage with the latest issues and trends.

5. Schedule your posts

Publish or post your content at the best time on social media platforms. The best way to use Facebook for marketing is by knowing the most authentic time for active engagement with your targeted audience is.

By using automated tools to analyze your audience data, you could automatically schedule your content and plan your social content strategy ahead of time. Automated tools could also help you post even if you are not active to match your audience activity across various social media platforms.

6. Offer Customer Support 24/7

Customer support is necessary since it provides clients and customers help when they are experiencing difficulties regarding a company’s product or service. By providing responsive customer support, you can solve whatever issues or inquiries of clients towards your company.

You can establish customer support by hiring a customer service agent or utilize automated boots through automation software. Rather than leaving your audience on reading, it is better to have a chatbot or auto-response to handle straightforward inquiries.

7. Gain Valuable Insights or Feedbacks

An edge that we can get from using automation tools is that we can get analytics such as customer engagement, reach, and impression towards a certain post, service, or product.

Do not take this information for granted. These reports can help you compare if a campaign is successful or not across multiple social media platforms. This makes it easier for the business to focus on more engaging content and improve its social media strategy.

8. Use the tools for Social Media Marketing Automation

Efficiently establish your social presence by applying these tools for you to know how automation can boost your social media marketing strategy.

Agora Pulse 

This website helps you engage with your customers and clients. It allows you to plan, schedule, and perform analysis on your posts. Moreover, additional features such as promotions, contests, and quizzes are also available. If you want to further your marketing campaign against your competitors, then Agora Pulse might just be the tool that you need.

Visit: https://www.agorapulse.com/ 


CoSchedule can help your company organize its promotional strategies fast and easily. If you are a business person or an influencer, it may be hard to manage activities at the same time especially if you are handling big projects. That is why managing multiple marketing activities simultaneously and delivering consistent experience and services to clients should be considered. CoSchedule can help you through its tools such as the marketing calendar. This enables you to track your social media publishing strategy and create an automation flow according to your specific needs.

Visit: https://coschedule.com/ 

Social Pilot

If you are a small entrepreneur or business owner that needs to manage all your social media accounts in one portal, then Social Pilot is the tool you must acquire. This tool can allow your entire team to collaborate on a project by providing marketers with analytics so they can determine which of their campaigns are working and which are not. This comes at a very cost-effective price at $50 per month compared to other social media management tools which double the price.

Visit: https://www.socialpilot.co/

ZeroFOX or HootSuite

Similar to Mention, this is an application that alerts you whenever there is offensive or threatening content on your page, feeds, and comments. As an entrepreneur, you want to prevent a bad reputation through fraud and unnecessary comments that may spam your page or account. That is why information is very important, especially in crisis management. 

Visit:  https://apps.hootsuite.com/ 


You need Pixelied if you are after doing more designs within a strict schedule. You can simply choose the template, make adjustments, then download your work. Even the most seasoned graphic designer cannot avoid getting low on creative juices. Pixelied is a nifty tool with ready-made templates, stock images, mockups, etc., that you can easily edit to make your design.

Visit:  https://pixelied.com/ 


A big business starts small. But through automation, Facebook, social media marketing, and social media marketing strategies, you can make it even bigger! Always remember to use these 8 Winning Facebook Marketing Strategies and you will always be ahead of your competitors.

Author’s Bio:
Shelly Solis is a content writer and SEO specialist. She co-founded SaaSLaunchr: SaaS Marketing Agency. She has been in the digital marketing industry then since 2009. Now, she is focused on SEO and marketing efforts for SaaS businesses and startups. 

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