5 Types of Online Advertising You Should Know In 2022

In the present era, online advertising has gained much prominence. However, after 2019, the graph for ads online has been in a continuous ascend. Well, the main reason behind this is the pandemic and the paradigm shift.

As most businesses in the present time have shifted to the digital world, advertising online has become a necessary practice. So, if you are a business person, you should know about the types of online advertising.  In this article, you can get the full details. So, consider reading all the points thoroughly.

Five Types Of Online Advertising You Should Know About

Here are the five types of digital advertising you should know about. The best you can do is incorporate all when it comes to gaining exposure in the digital world. For now, take a look at the entries below:

1. Social Media Advertising

online advertising

Social media advertising is one of the vital types of advertising. It is a necessity for all types of new businesses. Without proper social media advertising, no new businesses can thrive in the market properly.

The best part of social media marketing is that it is free to upload. Moreover,  you can add diverse elements in terms of creativity. Finally, the best part of social media advertising is they get entire exposure to the audience. The audience can directly share, like, and comment on social media ads. Facebook posts and an Instagram story fall under social media advertising.

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2. Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising shows up on the top of the SERP.  In all cases, these ads can attract a decent amount of traffic to the publishing website. Generally, you can identify a paid search ad by looking at its structure.

These ads contain a headline, a body, and a link. The click-through rate of paid search advertising is high. Thus, you can expect your website to have decent traffic all the time when the ad is on. It also has more conversion rate

3. Display Advertising

The display ads are basically the banner advertisements you can see on the websites. There are many things you can add to the display ads. They are graphics, audio, video, infographics, etc.

You can best use the display advertise when you have a lot of subject matter. It might be that the display ads might be unnecessary for the user but they can click on them anyway. Although, the CTR still remains lower than PS Ads.

As per the benefits of the display ads, you can consider them to have more exposure than any other ads. So, you can carry out proper brand advertising with it. So, if you have just launched a new brand, it is better to invest in-display ads.

4. Video Advertising

Simply put, video advertising includes all types of ads that contain videos. So, the platform it is on would not matter. These ads can engage a lot of online audiences. The best you can do is publish a video advertisement when launching a new business process. Moreover, you can do it when launching a brand too.

As per the benefits of video advertising, it can complement smartphone users the best. They can watch the entire video that is on the platform and make their own decision whether to take a commodity/product. 

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Furthermore, the future of video advertising is bright when it comes to the relation with other online ad types. The main reason for this is the increased usage of smartphones and gadgets alike.

5. Audio Advertising

Audio advertising can best go with the apps that stream music. You can make a short audio ad and collab with a music streaming app to play it. This is the way you can reach the audience. Generally, the cost of publishing an audio ad is much lesser than that for the display and PS ads.

Now, for the advantage of audio advertising, no audience can skip it. One of the ones who have a paid account on the music apps can skip the ads.

While making the audio ads, you need to be very clear about the content you put on them. Make sure the words and the voice are recognizable. Moreover, the words should leave an impression on the listener’s mind.

When it comes to the choice of online ads, you should be aware of certain things. Keep in mind the following facts when it comes to choosing the type:

  • Type of brand
  • The budget for the advertisement segment
  • Probable audience and social media marketing world
  • Expected time by which you need to establish your business/brand
  • Availability of networks and marketers

Final Take Away

All new businessmen in the present era should be aware of the procedure to deal with online ads. You should always try to consult with an expert before planning for digital advertising. Always remember that with a proper business plan, things turn way easier.

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