You cannot play down the importance of hashtags on Instagram. They play an important role in our story reach and increase followers.

When we measure research on Instagram usage, then it clarifies that 90% of the famous brand posts use at least a single hashtag and a post with hashtag increase the engagement from 10-19%. Hashtag trend starts from 1988 when the first time it was used in Internet Relay Chat a well-known internet platform. People use it for group messages and many other content related categories.

On social media, Hashtag was used in 2007 in California. A person from San Diego used it for his social message.

On twitter, it was officially used in 2009 and twitter has the honor to use it for the first time. However, there was a usage limitation that you can use only two or three times in your post.

Instagram was the first app that eliminates this restriction and allow users to use hashtags to 30 times. This was the first time on any social media platform that word starting with “#” became hyperlink automatically.
Why we Use Instagram Hashtags.

Why We Use Instagram Hashtags

So the basic question here is that “Why we should use Hashtags?”

We can say, we can use hashtags in our group content and those tags will be simple for categorizing our content or maybe dividend of our content into sections.

Users also used tags for promoting their post or page or for increasing the purpose of their followers. However, here is a little bit of change about the following. One can follow you but maybe he has no interest in your post or page.

The basic purpose of using hashtags is that users with the same interest in your subject must be reached to your post. Then, if this user follows you, this will be your actual follower who will reach on your all posts.

Instagram has grown this trend that your content must be reached to the user of the same interest of your subject by using tags.

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We should not always use Popular Hashtags

Here a question is “why we should not use popular hashtags on Instagram?”

The answer is that using the most popular tags on your post may be dangerous for you in the search term. Suppose you use a popular tag like #love then there will be huge competition in this term use and it may be possible your post will not visible or ranked in such a big crowd.

This term typically relates to SEO. In SEO, Blogger used those keywords that have more search volume but low search difficulty. Because the ultimate purpose is, people must reach to your post. This reach can only increase by using such keywords that have search volume and low difficulty.
Now you can Follow Hashtags

Policy changes in every filed are too common and Instagram follows this. This ability allows you to follow Instagram hashtags.

However, using tags is going too much critical day by day. If you want to buy followers then you should go with buy Instagram followers UK which can help you in boosting your profile. Your posts have the only chance to reach people just for those who search those terms that you use in your post.

This is the major and clear reason why you must use “long tail tags” so that you must compete with the posts that are using the same terms in their tags. You must also keep in mind that you can use appropriate words for your shared image. If any user searches for an image by using tags that you used and your shared content fails to deliver what he wants then it will not good for you. This user can mark you and definitely, Instagram can also penalize you.

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