5 Tips To Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

In digital marketing, the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very common for websites. But are we aware of the fact that we can advance our landing pages for search as well?

The main reason why people optimize their websites is to elevate the chances of their organic search traffic (unpaid traffic) which is the easiest way to attract the target audience. The same strategy goes for landing pages as well.

Let’s first get a brief idea as to what we actually mean when we talk about SEO. SEO, short for search engine optimization is nothing but a process to make websites and landing pages more appealing (with a high rating) in the organic results of search engines.

Before going into details, first, we should deeply ingrain it in our system that “if the landing page answer’s an audience‘s question, they will reward you by becoming a subscriber or a customer.”

Landing pages that are amended according to SEO best practices will send more traffic to people who need the services. Wondering how??  Just have a look below!!

  • Search engines can better comprehend the purpose of the page and rate it higher in the search results. At the end of the day, a higher ranking leads to more traffic.
  • Audiences can easily look for the pages when they require them the most.  This leads to a better experience, which brings better transmutations.
  • Optimized landing pages will increase the Page quality rating, ultimately leading to effective Ad word maneuver.

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Here are some of the tips to optimize the landing page for search engines.

1. Determination of the Watchword

The crucial watchwords become the fundamental aspect of any search engine optimization campaign.  Here, the decision of a vigilantly framed-out strategy – the choice of words for which the page would be ranked higher in search engine outcomes, matters the most.  In-depth research to determine which watchwords are appropriate for the product or service is very essential.

Crucial to watchword strategy are long-tail watchwords. These are nothing but phrasal amalgamations that users might specifically search for on Google. For example, a long tail watchword for a wristwatch brand might be “sports watches.”

Generally, long-tail watchwords are rated higher on results pages than single-word or general watchwords. They also sow the seeds of higher returns on marketing investments.

2. Incorporation of Watchwords in Copy

Having framed a constructive watchword strategy; the next thing to do is to embrace the Watchwords in the landing page copy. To bring in the best SEO benefits, from the landing page strategy, here are a few best places to insert them:-

Caption Tags:  Many novice content marketers do not pay attention to the relevance of caption tags as part of extensive landing page SEO. It is advisable to have a single H1 tag on the landing page. This is because WebPages and search engines by extension rank headings and subheadings in a hierarchy from H1 to H6 – with the former having the highest weightage.

Meta descriptions:  A brief blurb of text under the main title of search engine results can be called a Meta description. In other words, a Meta description is a short outline of the page’s content for seekers. It helps them to figure out if the landing page content is valuable to their search query.

Title Tag: – This is the blue, fortified text just above the Meta description, on the search engine result page. As this is the introductory text customers will come across after looking for related inquiries, the title tag should be as enthralling as possible in order to encourage click-through.

3. Issuing a Customized URL

Customizing the URL of a landing page enables it to be recognized as a unique brand that can easily be picked up by search engines as they index web content. If you are using a content management system like Word Press, you can choose to either issue to a subdomain or register one of your own.

4. Secure Applicable Backlinks

Backlinking is key to optimizing landing page for SEO. Having other reliable sites paves the way for a digital vote of confidence by linking to your landing page signals to Google your reliability, authenticity, and dependability.

Writing appreciable guest posts can act as the launching point for achieving these backlinks. Going through a subject area that is both pertinent to the target website and your landing page can be the X- factor in this field. By doing so, the backlinks become natural and precious to the content.

There are high chances that most people that will go through the piece are well-informed individuals looking for a different perspective to approach the concept. For them, content that includes sufficient research and information will be more attuned.

5. Make Sure You’re Landing Page Loads Fast

Landing page load speed is taken into consideration while rating pages for applicability. Though this factor plays the least important part in gauging the value of the actual content on the page, Google does this to corroborate that the highest ranking landing pages bring forth an enjoyable browsing experience for users.

It has to be kept in mind that 40% of internet users cast aside a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.  Therefore, speeding up of landing page plays an important role here.

Application of some tweaks can lift a landing page up the mark such as:

  • Using lighter images where possible.
  • Revamping the page’s HTML and CSS code to lower the megabyte content.
  • Get rid of all the in-page add-ons and plug-ins not correctly in use.
  • Porting to a better web host with the faster hosting framework.


Landing pages are decisive for generating leads and conversions. In other words, establishing SEO-friendly landing pages is the key.  So to sum up, putting in substantial efforts, investing some time, and sticking with it can soon pave the way for excellent outcomes.

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