As the use of mobile applications is increasing rapidly with each passing day, a good number of IT professionals and companies are engaged in mobile application development to encourage mobile users to deal with a particular brand comfortably on portable devices & make more transactions.

After creating an android app, the first thing you need is to upload it on Google Play & other similar web platforms so that users can find and download it on their devices. You must always keep in mind that the ability to monetize the application depends on the number of users who have installed it and run it regularly. Also, you have to follow and develope app as per Google Play Store guidelines. Know how to submit an Android app to the Google Play store? Let’s find out.

How to Publish Android App in Google Play Store

1. Create A Developer Profile at First

To create a developer profile on Google Play, you need to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • To publish on Google Play Store go to the link
  • Singin using an existing Gmail Account or create a new one,
  • Carefully, read, understand and accept the Google Play agreement,
  • Make a payment of $25 as registration fee,
  • Fill in the necessary data in your developer account

Now, you get access to the developer console. To make a profit out of your product, you need to create a merchant account with Google.

2. Creating A Merchant Profile on Google Play Developer Console

  • Log in to the Developer Console
  • Select Create a Vendor Account through Financial Reports

This will take you to the payment center to create a profile. Carefully fill out information about the company. If you don’t have the necessary data, call the bank for clarification. All users will be able to see the general information about your app. Add your name to the “Company Name” option. Indicate your website also if you have. It will benefit you immensely. Now, your application is available on Google Play & will help you get the well-deserved profit.

3. Actions You Should Take If Your Application is Blocked Soon After Launching

Sometimes, due to a number of reasons, Google Play blocks newly uploaded apps. It has created some rules for developers. So, first of all, you should take read its content policy at first and act accordingly to avoid the termination or suspension of the app.

You should take the following steps in this regard

  • Avoid using other’s registered trademark. Use your own logo and trademark,
  • Don’t use other’s pictures. Most often, images are protected by copyright laws,
  • Never use black hat SEO while optimizing your app for users,
  • Avoid the use of Erotic content,
  • Films and premieres online and
  • Never try to cheat people in any way.

4. Google Play App Icon Size

Specifications of Images

  • 32-bit PNG (with alpha channel),
  • Size: 512×512 pixels and
  • Maximum file weight: 1024 Kb.

Always keep in mind that images are the first things that present your application to the world and users. Be active & explore the icons of competitors as far as possible. Select interesting moments for yourself and find out the things that make your app different from others. Work smart to create a recognizable and simple image of your product. It will help users to identify your app easily in the crowd of similar apps.

5. Careful Use of Screenshots

Main technical requirements for screenshots:

  • JPG or 24-bit PNG (without alpha channel),
  • Size: 320 pixels to 3840 pixels,
  • The aspect ratio is not more than 2:1 and
  • At least two screenshots.

Screenshots help users know your interface, main features and benefits. After viewing screenshots, users decide whether they should use a particular app or not. The screenshots must show the main functions of your application. Always keep in mind that screenshots with the accompanying text have a greater percentage of influence.

6. Google Play App Title

Maximum Length:

25 to 55 characters.

Keep the name of your application short as it will be displayed comfortably on different mobile devices. Consider the main essence of the application, work on its uniqueness and determine how users can find it easily on the web. Check titles strictly & make sure they are error-free.

7. Google Play App Description Guidelines

Restrictions for a description:

  • A Brief Description- Up to 80 characters.
  • Full Description-4,000 characters

You should create an interesting and short description that will make the user click on the full description. Don’t flood keywords in the description as this can be perceived as spamming. Explain all the distinctive features of your application in the description. Just ensure all important points are displayed in the short description.

8. Google Play Store App Video

Time Duration of Short Advertising Video- 30 seconds to 2 minutes

The advantage of an advertising video is that you can show the teaser of your application, use bold and unusual ideas, and let customers know how useful your application is. Upload video on YouTube to allow users to stumble upon your video and see the usability of the application in an easy way.

Final Words

A lot of apps float on Google Play Store. People browse and download only those apps that meet their needs. So, develop your app as per google play store guidelines, upload it to Google Play Store & and give your business a new name & fame. Best of Luck!

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