Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Improve your Business in 2024

Content marketers usually choose the route of blogging to generate web traffic. It has been noticed that over 57% of web traffic usually comes from the blog section of a website. Being the content marketer, you might be busy in developing blogs and content for your business website, but simply creating blogs and web content would not help to gain the required impetus.

You need to evaluate the impact created by each published content or blog. All your efforts would be futile if your content fails to attract the eyes of readers. So, you need to use the best and effective content marketing strategies that can increase engagement and encourage people to take action while consuming your content. So, without any further commotion, let us have a look at the top 5 content marketing tips that can boost your business and content marketing strategy in 2023.

All these tips and tricks are already in use by many successful and best SEO company in India.

5 Content Marketing Strategy to Improve your Business in 2023

1. Using Titles that are Question-Based

Titles of your blogs and content usually appear everywhere, and it is the first thing that your targeted audiences see when scrolling across search results and social feeds. Using question-based titles boosts the ranking of a website as a featured snippet in organic search results of Google. Over 40% of question-based titles comprise of featured snippets, and hence it can help increase traffic while obtaining more natural backlinks. 

The voice searches also start with questions; hence, using question-based titles with featured snippets can truly enhance the chance of your content to appear on top for all voice search results. 

2. Hosting the Automated Webinars

Most webinars over the internet usually record over 270 registrations, and to achieve the higher engagements, you must prefer offering webinars daily in 2023. Bet it a product launch, a concept explanation to audiences or promoting a brand, a webinar is the best content marketing tip in 2023. It helps in boosting the authenticity and authority of the business in the niche.

With the help email ID of all registrants, you can conduct email marketing to efficiently cultivate those registrants. You may check out for most viewed pages, check what is trending these days, talk with customers and check Quora questions related to your niche to get the content idea for your webinars. 

3. Improvising E-A-T

In the recent “Google Core Update,” Google has mentioned the significance of following their E-A-T guidelines. E-A-T is the abbreviation for “Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness,” and online content with a robust E-A-T scores can do wonders in SERPs.


According to the guidelines, the developed content must be dedicated to the users and not solely for higher ranking on search engines. So, marketers must focus more on the user’s intent rather than focusing solely on keywords. 

4. Segmentation of Content

All blog readers are not your prospects, and hence they won’t buy from you every time. But, there are still some readers that are ready to buy from you. So, segmenting the content is important to cater to the needs of potential buyers at diverse phases of their purchasing cycles. It will also enhance conversion rates and engagements. 

Remember, prospects have different expectations at different phases of their purchasing cycle. Prospects the awareness phase usually prefer informative content, while some prospects in the buying cycle also prefer free trails, product demo and free consultation. So, the best method to find out the exact stage of the prospect in their buying cycle is by laying diverse scenarios where prospects become the customers and track what action they took since their initial communication with you. 

5. Leveraging the Local Advertising

Local advertising is the online marketing strategy where advertisements look, function, and feel like the media format in which it appears. So, promoting content via local advertising has many benefits. Local advertisements are not like sales pitches; hence, they are very efficient and successful. It has been estimated that local ads record over 55% of views than conventional ads, and it also improves the purchasing decision of viewers by 20%. 

Plus, local ads can circumvent ad blockers because they are naturally customized according to content format. To leverage the most out of local ads, you must create content that is entertaining and informative for your audiences.

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Digital marketing company in India has already started leveraging these content marketing tips to earn customers’ trust as opposed to selling products directly. So, empower your content marketing strategy in 2023 with these five tips discussed above.

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