New Cycling Technology Advances and Trends to Watch in 2024

The latest technology has been evolving over years. Also, cycling technology is not about to stand still. Technological innovation has made cycling more attractive than before and this huge popularity may result in less traffic and cleaner air.

New Cycling Technology

If you’re a cycling freak, you might like to know about the upcoming trends. Right? Well, this guide covers all new cycling technology advances and trends to watch in 2024. So, keep your eyes glued till the end of this article.

Cycling Technology Advances and Trends: 7 Emerging Trends in 2024

1.   Lightweight bikes to get more aero

All the reputable brands have added aero features in their lightweight race bikes over the past years although the aero bikes were the best for both worlds.

These developments have started in 2020 and brands like Giant denied including aerodynamic features in its lightweight CTR models before considering that you’ll go for its propel aero bikes if you want to reduce drag.

2.   Premium carbon bike frame

Bike Radar, an online publication calls it “The carbon lure” but the considering fact is- the better the gear, the more money it costs. Carbon is the most optimizable material available that features strength, tenacity, and stiffness when it comes to comparing aluminum in terms of weight.

3.   Tubeless tires

Tubeless tires have transformed as an industry standard, and the tire insertion system has become widely popular recently. This enables the riders to ride in lower tire pressure without worrying about rim strikes and flats. You know how annoying the flat tires are. Hopefully, all the brands will come with the tire insertion system to get rid of the problem.

4.   29- inch wheel and mullet setups

29-inch wheel size has become a standard for enduro and trail bikes. On the other hand, some brands are experimenting with mullet setups. The downhill racers of the world cup have stated that the mullet setup is the fastest.

A mullet set up with the wheel size 29-inch in the front and 27.5-inch in the rear provides a fantastic roll-over ability in maintaining a snappy cornering. Our expectation is more other brands will feature the compatibility with mullet setups in their bikes.

5.   Ever-evolving mountain bikes

Along with numerous mountain bike categories, bike designers are pushing the boundaries of disciplines. It has become a tough job to apart cross-country, enduro, and trail bikes. Blending the cross-discipline in mind, trail bikes and cross-country bikes are the most exciting trends to watch in 2024.

6.   More e-bikes

Continuous growth in e-bike sales is probably the most popular trend of 2024. Possibly, the e-bike sales will be doubled within the year 2025. E-bikes are great for the newbies to get into the mountain biking sport. Without any doubt, brands will continue to innovate more e-MTB, and advancing in some areas like lighter weight, improved battery technology, and the best e-bike conversion kits are our expectations.

This evolution indicates what kind of e-bikes will be produced shortly and it would be great if they come cheaper.

7.   All-round race bikes

We have been wanting a race bike that will be in between a climbing bike and an aero bike for over the last 10 years. You know aero bikes feature speed but their weight was the only dark side.

On the other hand, climbing bikes provide enough comfort yet they lack speed which is not perfect for pro cyclists.

Hopefully, this article lets you come to know advanced cycling trends in 2024. There are a lot more others to watch and we’ve discussed the top 7 trends in this giveaway. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, let us know in the comment section below.

Keep in touch with the latest technological advances and keep riding!

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