Unless you are living under the rock, chances are that you might be aware of the reason why LG hasn’t revealed the G9 ThinQ yet.

The appropriate answer, obviously, is that the company has chosen to dump the boring, common, and progressively tangled alphanumerical monikers of its top of the line smartphones, rather unveiling the intriguingly branded, delightfully designed, overrated and overpriced Velvet 5G… in South Korea only.

While there’s as yet a decent possibility the 5G-compatible 6.8-incher will be rolled out in the US.

We couldn’t hold our breath about the affordability issue in the US either.

Therefore, LG decides to better serve its loyal customers and bargain hunters with last year’s LG G8 ThinQ. The smartphone LG G8 ThinQ is now available once again at a low price ever on Amazon in an unlocked variant with hands-free Alexa support.

Thus, you can switch from any other brands to this flagship LG G8 ThinQ – that too, at the lowest possible price.

While you do so, bring along all your contacts, pictures, videos, audios, and other stuff from the old phone to this new one – via contacts transfer application.

The old price of this bad boy used to be around $850, as of now fetching a whopping 450 bucks less than that… for in any event the second time since Black Friday after routinely dropping to $750, $700, and even $600 in the last couple of months.

Putting it this way, also if you’re not actually taking a gander at $450 savings amount as compared to the “normal” cost of the unlocked G8 ThinQ these days, however the markdown is surely substantial.

Features of Good-Guy LG G8 ThinQ

The handset is also without a doubt amazing and feature-packed keeping in mind its current price. It packs with a 6.1-inch P-OLED screen with a best in class resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels. It also has a high caliber Snapdragon 855 processor, a genuine 6 gigs of memory, 128 gigs of internal storage. With a microSD card space, earphone jack, 16 + 12MP dual rear-facing cameras, and 3,500mAh battery capacity.

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To Sum Up

By no methods an ideal phone, the LG G8 ThinQ additionally accompanies various exploratory features close behind that you’re probably going to discover generally gimmicky or altogether futile. A couple of features seem offset too such as Air Motion gestures and Hand ID tech are quite impractical. Also, indeed, if you’re pondering, retailers like Best Buy and B&H Photo Video are charging more than Amazon at the time of this writing. So, that’s definitely not a good option to go for!

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