Huawei has undoubtedly made its way to the fraternity of top smartphone players in recent years. The Chinese brand is emerging with the help of impressive creativity and innovation in its products. However, it’s latest devices are still not compatible with Google’s Play Store, instead they use Huawei’s own app marketplace – named AppGallery. This means that despite the growing number of apps on Huawei’s app ecosystem, Huawei’s users may miss out some crucial apps on their Huawei devices.

To cover the gap, the brand stepped up in the category of navigation apps on AppGallery. Previously, Huawei debuted by launching “Here WeGo Maps” on its app store. The app was not the best alternative to Google’s similar apps, however, it helped to reverberate among the competitors and contributed to grow the user base of Huawei’s AppGallery.

This week, Huawei launched another brilliant navigation app – TomTom Go Navigation on AppGallery. TomTom Go is now available on all top app stores; Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store and Huawei’s AppGallery.

David Phelan from Forbes reported that Walter Ji, the President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group delivered a virtual speech at the opening of the IFA electronics show. The significant takeaways from the speech were as follows:

  • AppGallery will be a credible alternative to Android & iOS app stores
  • Huawei’s AppGallery is now the third largest app marketplace 
  • It has superseded Amazon’s app store by a great margin
  • The keynote speaker also chimed that the Appot 460 million monthly active users worldwide and more than 5000 new apps are being added every month on AppGallery
  • Huawei is the fifth biggest investor in R&D worldwide

Furthermore, Keynote also clarified that the Huawei Mobile Services Core has 81,000 applications globally integrated with it, which is significant as that is what’s on offer as an alternative to Google Mobile Services which supports numerous applications, for example, Google Maps, contacts optimization apps for that matter. And, one of those 81,000 is TomTom Go Navigation…

What TomTom Go Navigation offers as a potent alternative

  • TomTom Go Navigation offers offline setting
  • 3D maps
  • Traffic information and speed camera warnings for online settings
  • Moving lane guidance to help drivers navigate through intersections
  • Customized maps as per needs
  • The only downside of TomTom Go Navigation is that it is not FREE!
  • The app offers a 30-day free trial and after a month, it charges $1.99/month

This is not TomTom’s first joint effort with Huawei. The organization uses TomTom’s mapping solutions in its Huawei Mobile Services kits, which developers can use – ride-share applications for instance. Those are not open to consumers, obviously, however this application, in view of a similar mapping, is.

Gracious, and that is not the finish of the story. Huawei’s own Maps application is coming and is being created related to TomTom. If Huawei takes care of business, it could reduce the loyalty to Google Maps conclusively.

You can, obviously, use Google Maps effectively, through an internet browser, yet that is not really the same experience. You can even download the application on to Huawei phones, however its features are not as thorough. No, the huge change will accompany Huawei Maps, however the current week’s TomTom Go Navigation expansion is an invite appearance which works immaculately and has the best planning in the business.

Summing the news all together

All in all; if we analyze Huawei’s emerging speed and pace with each passing day, it is legit to state that Huawei is the only brand that can create a viable third app system for its users. A step that neither BlackBerry nor Microsoft or Nokia could take…

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