How To Win eCommerce With Off-Page SEO

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, especially in the past few years. The industry is reaching new heights every day. Looking at the growth of the eCommerce industry, many sellers are now taking their business online. SEO plays an important role in eCommerce business; it helps in ranking the eCommerce business higher in the search results. You can also hire SEO virtual assistant to handle the SEO of your business.

Off-page SEO is a set of techniques that help to increase the ranking of your website in the search results. But these techniques are related to the things that you can perform outside your website. It helps to promote your company in various ways at various places.

Off-Page SEO

There are a lot of changes happening in the digital landscape, and to keep up with all these changes, ecommerce Off-page SEO is one of the best tools. It makes use of link-building practices, social media marketing as well as social bookmarking.

In the online space, traffic is very important. If traffic reduces, then it is not a good thing for online businesses. One has to put every effort possible to increase the traffic of the website. Because more visitors mean more chances of leads and lead conversion.

In this post, we will give you some techniques to win eCommerce with off-page SEO.

Techniques to win at eCommerce with off-page SEO

  1. Get listed on vendor and partner sites

You can collaborate with your partner sites instead of just competing with them. You can use back-links to drive traffic to each other’s sites. So, find the opportunities to contact your partners and vendors and talk about getting a place on their website or blog. Try to work together and find opportunities that can benefit both of you.

  • Guest posts

A guest post is a blog or post that is published on another website. Guest posts have a high volume of traffic compared to any other type of content. Thus, your site will see a huge spike in traffic if you focus on creating quality guest posts.

One must focus on the quality of the content of the guest posts. So, if you find a partner for sharing guest posts, then you must don’t wait and start sharing a guest post on the partner’s website. Make sure to create quality and engaging guest posts. You can also hire eCommerce SEO services to handle guest posts and rankings.

  • Social bookmarking and forums

Social bookmarking is a procedure for submitting your product and website pages to bookmarking sites. If we talk about bookmarking sites, then Reddit is one of the largest bookmarking sites. Some of the other bookmarking sites are Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.

  • Q&A websites

One more off-page SEO technique is to make use of Q&A websites like Quora. There you can answer the questions of people. When you answer the questions related to your business, then you can place your product/service or brand in that question. By this, you can add keywords as well as drive traffic to your website. This will give a boost to your off-page SEO campaigns. Try to hire SEO services for eCommerce websites to perfectly design an SEO campaign for your business.

  • Proper use of social media

Social media is a great platform for marketing, and the same goes for off-page SEO. In a recent study, it was found from the total spend spent online, 30% is used on social media. Thus, every company small or big utilizes social media for their business. So, if you are not using social media, then you lose a lot of things including sales from this large group audience.

Every hashtag, mention, and share that includes your brand name is going to give a boost to your off-page SEO. Also, now, social media content gets placed on the search results, and thus, the chances of your business appearing higher in the search results also increase.

  • Build your backlinks in the right way

Building backlinks is crucial for SERPs results. Search engines consider backlinks while deciding the credibility of the page. A variety of backlinks means customers and other parties trust your brand. This is what Google wants to see.

A long-term off-page SEO approach will emphasize the creation of high-quality, naturally occurring links. But it’s also crucial to understand that Google doesn’t regard all domains as equal in authority and worth.

  • Ask customers to add reviews to your site

Reviews can be very beneficial for your website in various ways. When reviews are added by customers for any product or service, then people can trust that product. A product with reviews will always have more sales compared to a product without reviews. Reviews built trust amongst customers.

Search engines also love reviews as reviews generate clicks. Many big companies like Facebook and Google also ask about reviews. So, you must motivate customers to add reviews to your website. You can motivate them by giving them discounts, customized offers, gifts, etc. So, when a customer adds a review, then it will be beneficial to you as well as to the customer.


In conclusion, we would say that off-page SEO is very important for the eCommerce business. One must try all the ways to use off-page SEO so that your website’s ranking and visibility improve. You can also use the techniques that we have mentioned in this post. We also advise you to hire the best eCommerce SEO services for your off-page strategies.

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