How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Speaker?

Things like Bluetooth speaker is very popular these days. Because music can heal stress away from people. Therefore, having at least one Bluetooth speaker at home is really common these days especially for young adults. So finding the best budget speaker is very important because everyone doesn’t want to buy the wrong one. So here are the tips that you need to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Before Buying a Bluetooth speaker make sure to check all these features:

1. Battery Life

Choosing Bluetooth with a long battery life can save you a lot. You probably don’t want to bring its charging adaptor along with right? Of course, it is difficult to just find a socket for plugging your Bluetooth speaker. Users buy Bluetooth speakers because they don’t want the wire things which is not convenient in using for playing music wirelessly.

2. Audio Quality

Audio quality is also important because if your speaker sounds good, the music quality that you play will even make the mood become better. You‘d better choose one with a balance distortion of under 1%. And good frequency range of the speaker could also contribute to the audio quality too. 

3. Audio Power

The higher power capacity the Bluetooth can offer, the louder its sound could release. So if you plan to use it in a wide space or outdoor space, choosing the budget speaker with high power at least from 10W is a good option of all. 

4. Waterproof

If the Bluetooth has its waterproof feature, then you don’t need to worry to have your pool party or even during the rain. Of course, we use Bluetooth speakers for going camping or outdoor party so if it has a waterproof function that also prevents it from breaking as well. 

5. Bluetooth Version

Standard Bluetooth version can be around 4.0 to 5.0. So if you want to connect your device to the speaker easily, choosing the Bluetooth speaker with that range of Bluetooth versions will help you stay connected to the speaker even you are far away. 

6. Wired Inputs

Although, what you want to buy is a Bluetooth speaker, but having a wired input can also help you continue playing your music by connecting to your device via that wire input when its battery is low. 

7. Speakerphone Capability

If you want a feature besides just playing music, then choosing the one with a speakerphone or built-in microphone will help you a lot. You can have a call during connecting with your Bluetooth speaker without the need to turn off Bluetooth to speak.

Bluetooth speaker is a type of speaker which is very convenient for users to experience music at best. You can play your favorite song or prepare for a party anywhere you want.  Since you plan to buy it, so choosing the one that has most of the features above will make the best experience you can have with your Bluetooth speaker. You can check some of the best Tronsmart speakers out there because most of them have all features above. Grab it one before it run out of stock.

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