10 Tips To Make Your Clients Loyal and Happy

As most marketers experience at some point that attracting clients/customers is one thing, keeping them completely is another.

Improving customer loyalty has to be your priority. Otherwise, the customers you worked so hard to convert may disappear before you understand what happened.

To avoid this, below are the 10 ways to preserve customer satisfaction with your brand.

How to Build Customer Loyalty With Your Business

Respect your customers

A third of consumers claim that at least once a month they become victims of low-quality service. And 58% of them tell their friends about it. This kind of word of mouth works against you and completely ruins your Salon’s reputation in the long run.

happy clients

Be respectful with your customers when they make complaints to you. Be patient and condescending to increase customers’ satisfaction. This is the key to solving the problem.

The more comfortable the clients are, the more chances they will share valuable information about the situation that has developed. With its help, you will understand why this happened and can prevent similar situations in the future.

Listen to customers opinions

It is vital to listen and hear as well. Pay attention to what your customers are saying. Think about what you can improve in yours? Then practice these ideas. Your customers are the true lifeblood of your Salon business. To collect feedback, use the following methods:

  • See reviews;
  • Form focus groups;
  • Observe customers in Salon;
  • Analyze working with them;
  • Follow the comments on social networks and media;
  • Conduct surveys using email and web forms.

Getting negative reviews along with positive ones is part of the game. You cannot keep everyone happy. But you need to be conscious of the fact that when you are getting negative reviews or opinions, you are taking them seriously. You can do this by working with a Singapore agency for online rep management.

Offer ongoing support and discounts

The reason for customers leaving is unsatisfactory service. Do everything in your power to provide excellent service to your customers consistently. Respond quickly and enthusiastically. Always be ready to make a special offer or discount for customer loyalty.

81% of reputable companies always strive to stay ahead of their competitors. Namely, to satisfy the needs of customers faster and better.

The continued support and loyalty of your company lay a solid foundation for long-term customer relationships.

  • Create attractive promotions;
  • offer discounts, gifts;
  • run contests, etc.

Send mailings with a special offer, prepare publications in blogs and publications, on your pages in social networks.

Be sincere

4 out of 6 clients will tell you about a good service if they are satisfied. Therefore, this method significantly affects the number of positive reviews about your business.

Don’t make your brand nameless and faceless, speak honestly to your customers as the person who represents the company. Address your customers by name and be sure to introduce yourself from the very beginning of your interaction.

Remove formality, speak openly with clients as if you were a friend. Just stick to acceptable boundaries. This is especially important when contacting people on social networks. The very format of social platforms already suggests that communication here takes place on a more personal level.

Communicate with customers as valuable partners

It is important to constantly keep in touch with customers. What’s the point of listening to customers if you’re not going to do anything?

Reassure your customers that you need their feedback and that you value their opinion and participation. How to show that this is so?

Make a report, show statistics on how you managed to improve the quality of your service. Show the facts, how it was and how it became. This will contribute to the growth of customer activity. This, in turn, will build trust, loyalty, and general love for your company.

Inform visitors about large-scale changes

To compensate for 1 negative experience, you need to take about 12 actions that your client will approve and appreciate. It’s so hard to regain trust.

Regardless of the size of your Spa business, keep your customers constantly informed about what’s happening with your product or services. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad change or a good one. If they are about your customers, they need to know.

For example, tell your customers when and what changed.  This way you will not only preserve but also strengthen trust. Be honest, especially when you make mistakes. Any deception will be revealed at lightning speed and then it will be very difficult to regain its former reputation.

What does it mean to be open?

  • You are not afraid of feedback;
  • You have nothing to hide;
  • The image of your employees at work matches the personal one;
  • You want to communicate with customers.

Keep promises

Your words are your connection with the client. If you keep your promises, you are reaffirming your openness and building trust and reliability.

Make those promises that you can hold. Be consistent in your words and actions so that clients understand what to expect from you in the future.

Remember, the client is always right

No matter what happens, the clients are always right. And if they are wrong, then inform them.

Formulate a service policy and a development strategy in the company to show your customers that they are always right. Do it in the following ways:

  • Think over special phrases that you will use when communicating with clients;
  • Keep track of how your employees communicate with clients, analyze and discuss how you can even more effectively smooth out possible roughness;
  • Determine how your employees need to properly respond and deal with customer objections and complaints to keep them happy.

Always give thanks

3 out of 4 clients say that they are ready to continue the relationship with the Salon because of the positive experience of cooperation. Kindness and gratitude are enchanting and no doubt helpful to long-term relationships.

Be as grateful as possible, even just for the fact that the clients took the time to turn to you. The good old “Thank you” will always be relevant.

Concluding Remarks

Making customer loyalty helps your business in many ways. It not only saves you from spending extra dollars in searching for new customers but also assures their satisfaction.   Do not forget- little things do matter!

Author Bio:
Julia Ching has been a Manager at Salonist since 2017. Her passion for helping people in business management through the expert industry coverage she provides. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest posts.

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