Wipro Mock Test Series For Campus Placement

With over two lakh experts, Wipro is today’s scenario functioning in different domains!

One of the most popular reasons why the youth is driven to Wipro is their growth and learning environment.

The company conducts various placement drives to add new talent to its teams. However, the placement process for the campus placement round is not at all easy.

If you have to attend a campus placement drive for Wipro, make sure you prepare well. Once you brush up on your skills, a mandatory step is to analyze your progress.

Usually, the candidates forget this step which may lead to missing this golden opportunity.

Don’t worry! We have just the right trick for you.

This trick is Wipro mock tests. As important as it is to complete the TCS mock tests to compete with the TCS professionals, mock tests for Wipro fulfill the same purpose.

So, if you are ready to put a strong foot forward and take up a mock test, this article will save the day for you.

Let’s begin with laying a strong foundation first and understanding what the Wipro mock test series is. Also, learn about the pattern of the Wipro test series and why you should take it.

What is the Wipro Mock test series?

Wipro mock test series is simply a series of exams held by different platforms that help you prepare well for your final interview.

These tests help you to analyze your skills, evaluate your progress, and observe your fallbacks with a professional assessment.

You can keep a check on your score, performance, time management, and such factors to improve your overall performance in the final Wipro test.

This test series is designed to help candidates to get an idea of how the questions are framed during the Wipro test.

They are available on various platforms on which you can take them up without any additional cost. However, make sure you practice well before appearing on these tests as well. To ensure that your preparations and efforts are in the right direction, you need to understand their exam pattern first.

Don’t worry, we have outlined the Wipro mock test pattern in the next segment along with a few sample questions for your better understanding.

Wipro Mock Test Pattern

Wipro mock tests are divided into three major segments. Each section covers a specific category of questions to evaluate your particular set of skills.

Following are the set of questions you will find in the three segments of your mock test:

Online test

This is the initial test round. You may also find the pre-interview call stage in your campus placement drive. However, officially this round is marked as the beginning of your overall Wipro test.

In the mock test as well, you will find about 5 sections in this particular round.

This round will not have a negative marking. However, make sure you try to attempt all questions in the given time frame. You will be allotted 128 minutes to complete your test. Following are the five sections you will find in your online test round at Wipro mock test:

  • Quantitative: Based on your skills in general math and fundamentals of elementary concepts, you can resolve these questions easily. You will find 20-25 questions in this section for years before 2022. However, this year the questions are reduced to 16 numbers.
  • Verbal: It’s all about language in this section! This section contains English ability based on 22 questions. You will encounter various questions based on language basics, grammar, editing, and such in this section. To prepare for this section, you can simply concentrate on your vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects.
  • Logical: The third section in the online test will cover approx 15-16 logical reasoning questions. Questions such as directions, coding-decoding, numerical ability, and such will be covered in this section. Each question will hold the same Or varied marks based on their type or difficulty level.
  • Essay writing: This is a part of an online test that can boost your score. You will be given different technical or non-technical topics to generate an essay on. This question doesn’t have any fixed time frame yet the whole test must be covered in the shared time frame. Hence, while practicing make sure you consider the time constraints as well.
  • Coding: the toughest and trickiest part of the entire online test is the coding section. You will be asked 2 coding questions in this section. Although the number of questions in this section is less, it takes most of your allotted time. These questions come in the form of problem statements that you need to solve by generating a working code.

All the questions asked in the online test round range between medium to easy difficulty levels except for the coding segment. You may have to input a few extra hours while preparing for this particular section.

Once you complete the online test segment of your mock test, you will move to your interview rounds.

By now you must be wondering why Wipro mock tests are important for you. The answer to your confusion lies in the next segment.

Why Should You Take the Wipro Mock Test Series?

Following are the reasons why Wipro mock tests are an important part of your preparation journey:

  • Helps you prepare for Wipro-specific questions
  • You can conveniently and efficiently analyze the exam pattern of Wipro through mock tests
  • Shortlist the significant subjects and topics for a better score
  • Manage your time and skills according to the Wipro demand
  • Practice problem statements under the professional assessment to track your progress

Winding up

Though TCS mock tests are the right start to your Wipro test preparations, make sure you pay attention to the Wipro mock tests as well.

These tests will help you crack the Wipro test with an impressive scorecard. Explore your opportunities at Wipro with the right preparation.

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