Make A Plan For Launching A Product: Who, What, And When

A product launch isn’t an individual forte, either; to bring in great success it needs team efforts and equal participation following the roadmap. A new product might be for the diversification of the product line but for the target audience, they need to be set on the fire to create a product haul in the market.

The great success of the product eventually is the success of the company and the persona who cost an arm and a leg to make it ready to utilize the product. If you are a startup or a matured company the product launch sets to be in 3 phases – pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.


The Product launch planning is for the build-up so that the product launch goes smoothly in the creamiest form and whacks the market like a rock show.

Why Do We Need a Product Launch Marketing Plan?

A product launch marketing plan is a set of ideas, skills, activities, and statistics research on the target audience, proper environment, and durable climate. A product launch marketing plan is a roadmap made by a Product Manager or by a hired specialist to launch a product seamlessly with an accurate beta testing plan. 

A product launch helps you in the:

  • Evaluation of your strategy and effectiveness of your product. 
  • Market research of your potential buyer. 
  • Know how to tackle external and internal barriers and arrange the following resources prior. 
  • Opportunities and weaknesses of your competitors. 
  • Describing your business and the product to be launched.

Foots of Your Product Launch Plan

The below pointers will guide you through the following: 

  1. What are the steps to be taken for the product launch? 
  2. What are the sources to create awareness about your product? 
  3. What are the needs of the potential buyers? 
  4. What are the ways to strengthen your product launch? 

Spreading awareness of your product launch and also to follow the roadmap are two essentials that you need to keep in mind.

Develop a Plan

The foremost thing is to make a roadmap of how, who, what, and when to do a product launch. Planning a product launch involves all the steps and activities to be done during the whole plan. 

The product launch plan should be focused on increasing your revenue, and permanent customer base of existing and new joining customers. 

It should feature your business and the efficacy and salient features of your new product. 

The story of ‘why’ behind your product 

In this chaotic world where the populace lives are no less than a marathon and where on an everyday basis new product is embarking, it is hard to remember your product by the buyers. It’s amazing and a blessing in disguise if you have an inspiring story behind your product launch. 

For example, recently the big brand Bournvita whose target audience is children did fabulous marketing while launching their old product in new packaging. The story of the ‘why’ behind their product was heart-touching. To know what was there inspiring story is and how can you create yours visit- 

Know your Competitors 

Competitors are one of the external barriers and it would be great if you closely know their soundnesses and shortcomings, which will help you to grab further opportunities in the future. 

Analysis shows that if you have a prior survey about your competitors then there is a high chance that in the future you won’t cry over spilled beans if any unanticipated situation arises. 

The Jobs to be done approach applies here.

What is “Jobs to be done”?

A method for creating goods known as the “jobs-to-be-done framework” is based on an understanding of the customer’s particular objective, or “job,” as well as the thought processes that would cause them to “employ” a product to fulfill the task.

Knowing which goods a customer is considering for a Job can provide insight into which goods they view as competition for the Jobs to be done.

This implies that a variety of services from a distinct set of items could compete with your product.

Survey Your Potential Buyers 

Your potential buyers are the most important element of your business and product. To know what your buyers need, it’s best to survey so that you can make a product that equally meets their demands. 

Because they are the ones for whom the product has been launched so you need to know their taste and preferences. If the target audience of your product is children, then the focus audience should be both children and their parents. If the target audience for your product is adults then you can fill out questionnaires by them or conduct surveys or seminars to build your product reputation and know what they need and what other brands are lacking in their product. 

By adopting this approach, a product team seeks to understand what users are genuinely looking to achieve when they purchase a good or service.

Identify what Jobs to be done wanted by the consumers and try to accomplish the task as quickly as possible.

You can categorize Jobs to be done (as per the requirements of your consumers) into

Main Jobs to be done – The primary tasks that need to be completed describe the goal that customers desire to reach.

Related Jobs to be done – Along with the primary tasks, consumers may have additional related tasks they want to be completed.

Product Brand Building 

There are thousands of homogenous products similar to yours that are present in the market. Then what made your product dissimilar from theirs? 

Product brand building is a process by which you will be able to give a different outlook toward your product and product launch. Whether your product is luxury, cheap, or affordable will decide your target audience as well. 

The most suitable example for this pointer would be the brand Zara. Style tycoon in the fashion industry. They never compromise the quality of their products and built such a strong product base.

Conventional Sources to Reach your Patrons 

Conventional sources simply mean the advertisements of your product launch so that they can reach your potential buyers as well as the crowd at large. 

Here is the list of your conventional sources :

  • Social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These all social media platforms are the hub of shoppers or patrons worldwide. Your business can expand globally if your product has the potential. 
  • Broadcasting 
  • Radio 
  • Television 
  • Hoarding 
  • Newspaper 
  • Magazines and Journals 
  • Templates

When to Accomplish the Product Launch? 

For answering when to accomplish the product launch, the tactic has 3 phases.

Pre-launch stage

Pre Launch marketing is a spectrum by which you can create a boom and excitement in the market and customers about your product or service so that they become eager for your product launch. 

The goal is to build anticipation through various strategies like running a contest, releasing teasers, building hype through social media influencers, and much more sort of. 

Launch stage 

The product launch stage is the most momentous day when your business planned the roadmap and harmonized team efforts to debut the new product launch to the market and its availability to the end users. The well-performed launches themselves create a buzz in the nation as well as internationally. 

The product launch demands a great deal of time and effort of labor. The planning, execution, and analysis are the three main steps for the product launching stage. 

Post-launch stage 

The marketing teams generally make the mistake of not conducting the post-launch stage. 

The post-launch stage helps you to know how well your product has performed and been accepted by the end-users. It is the most underrated stage out of the three of them. It’s important to scrutinize your product launch activities through the website views, blog, influencers’ reviews, podcasts, and socially engaging posts.

The Takeaways

Making an effective and efficient plan for a product launch takes a remarkable deal of time and other resources to be invested for the successful accomplishment of the product. You must make and follow the potential roadmap so that you can face the upcoming internal and external obstacles and create a buzz and excitement about your product and business in the market.

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