What Channel is FOX on DirecTV?

FOX is an American broadcasting network, its widespread recognition spans across the globe. It’s a rare occurrence to encounter someone who indulges in television and isn’t familiar with Fox on DirecTV channel. Regardless of your preferences, FOX offers a diverse range of shows that are bound to captivate you. Their forte lies in delivering iconic and pioneering television content. However, locating your preferred FOX channel on DirecTV might pose a challenge. We’ll comprehensively outline DirecTV’s channel lineup, ensuring that you leave with precise knowledge of where to locate any FOX on DirecTv channel. Let’s get started.

What Channel Number is Fox on DirecTV?

The channel you’ll use to access FOX content varies based on your location. Generally, on DirecTV channel guides, FOX on DirecTV is typically listed with a number under 50. In a state, cities often have FOX on channel numbers that are closely grouped together. However, to pinpoint the precise channel number for your area, refer to the helpful table below, listing major U.S. cities in alphabetical order. It’s highly likely that the channel number will closely resemble that of your nearest city.

City and StateFox Channel Number
Albuquerque, New Mexico16
Arlington, Texas4
Atlanta, Georgia5
Austin, Texas7
Bakersfield, California58
Baltimore, Maryland45
Boston, Massachusetts25
Bronx, New York5
Brooklyn, New York5
Brownsville, Texas2
Buffalo, New York29
Charlotte, North Carolina46
Chicago, Illinois32
Cincinnati, Ohio19
Cleveland, Ohio8
Colorado Springs, Colorado21
Columbus, Ohio28
Dallas, Texas4
Denver, Colorado31
Detroit, Michigan2
El Paso, Texas14
Fresno, California26
Fort Lauderdale, CA7
Fort Worth, Texas4
Hialeah, Florida7
Houston, Texas26
Indianapolis, Indiana59
Jacksonville, Florida30
Kansas City, Missouri4
Las Vegas, Nevada5
Lawrenceville, Georgia5
Los Angeles, California11
Louisville, Kentucky41
McDonough, Georgia5
Memphis, Tennessee13
Mesa, Arizona10
Miami, Florida7
Milwaukee, Wisconsin6
Minneapolis, Minnesota9
Nashville, Tennessee17
New Orleans, Louisiana8
New York City, New York5
Oakland, California2
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma25
Orlando, Florida35
Palm Coast, Florida35
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania29
Phoenix, Arizona10
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania53
Portland, Oregon12
Sacramento, California40
Salt Lake City, Utah13
San Antonio, Texas29
San Diego, California69
San Francisco, California2
San Jose, California2
Seattle, Washington State13
St. Louis, Missouri2
St. Paul, Minnesota9
Tampa, Florida13
Tucson, Arizona11
Vero Beach, Florida29
Washington, DC5

What Channel is Fox Sports on DirecTV?

You can watch Fox on DirecTV on Channel 219, 618, 649, 359, and 621.

The table below lists the channel numbers for FOX’s sports channels, along with the required package for access. Keep in mind that certain channels may need an additional add-on to your subscription, incurring an extra fee.

FOX Sports ChannelChannel NumberSubscription RequiredSubscription Cost/month
Fox Sports 1219Entertainment$64.99
Fox Sports 2618Ultimate$109.99
FOX Sports Southeast649Premier$154.99
FOX Sports Sun359Entertainment$64.99
FOX Soccer Plus621Add-on$14.99

What Channel is Fox News on DirecTV

You can watch FOX News can be found on channel 360. FOX News is included in the basic Entertainment package. Just tune in to channel 360 whenever you want to catch up on FOX News.

History of Fox

The Fox Broadcasting Company, commonly known as FOX, was established in the 1980s with the aim of competing against the three major broadcasting networks of the era: CBS, NBC, and ABC. Initially, FOX faced difficulties due to limited programming offerings. However, throughout the 1990s, the network’s fortunes shifted dramatically, propelled by a remarkable lineup of shows tailored for a younger audience and the surging popularity of television overall.

DIRECTV is a satellite television provider that carries many channels, including Fox, in its programming packages. Fox offers a range of content, from popular shows like “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” to live sports events like NFL games and news broadcasts like “Fox News.”

As the new millennium began, FOX expanded its content to appeal to a broader audience, incorporating reality TV programs, news segments, and sports coverage into its lineup. Familiar titles such as The X Factor, Glee, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine emerged during this period. In 2019, The Walt Disney Company acquired FOX. Despite this change in ownership, the network remains dedicated to delivering sports, news, and entertainment content up to the present day.

What About the FOX Business Network?

FOX Business Network is accessible to all DirecTV subscribers. You’ll find the channel you’re seeking at number 359.

Top FOX Shows to Watch

Honestly, Fox has gifted us with numerous iconic shows throughout the years. It’s been a remarkable journey, and we’ve been thoroughly entertained every step of the way. If you’re pondering what to watch, here are some timeless programs to consider:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. The X-Files
  3. Beverly Hills, 90210
  4. Married… with Children
  5. King of the Hill
  6. 24
  7. American Idol
  8. The X Factor
  9. Glee
  10. Family Guy
  11. American Dad!
  12. Empire
  13. Futurama
  14. Hell’s Kitchen

Certainly, there are plenty more, but these are undoubtedly classics. If your favorites aren’t airing when you tune in, you can always log into the DirecTV website to access their on-demand streaming service.


Watching the FOX network on DirecTV becomes simple once you locate the channel. Refer to our convenient list for major city channel numbers, but if your city isn’t listed, the number should be nearby. Typically, FOX channel is between channels 2 and 45. The basic Entertainment package on DirecTV includes FOX, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports Sun, FOX Business Network, and FOX News. However, Fox Sports 2 requires the Ultimate package, and Fox Sports Southeast is part of the Premier package. Fox Soccer Plus is available as an additional add-on. If live programming isn’t your thing, you can log into the DirecTV site for on-demand viewing.

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