Top 7 Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Advanced sales solutionis needed for organizations to improve sales performance and growth. When you leverage sales solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, you can manage and prioritize leads, tap into more sales opportunities, and automate various tasks. All the big players are investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to deliver seamless experiences to customers. To gain better insights into your sales operations, marketing, finance, and other processes, it is important to adopt Dynamics 365 Sales, a solution that comes with robust functionalities to enhancesales related activities.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful sales application that covers all your sales activities and keeps your business always on track. The application streamlines your sales processes and empowers your sales team with tools needed to win more sales, foster relationships with customers and enhance productivity. Ensuring consistency across your sales cycle, Dynamics 365 Sales certainly is a helpful solution that accelerates sales by connecting people and processes.

Here are the key features of Microsoft Dynamics for Sales

1. Track Contacts

It is important to find the right prospects that are going to purchase. Sales agents are usually involved in severalactivities to filter out potential leads. They reach out to customers through emails, calls, texts, or in-person meetings. Dynamics 365 Sales simplifies these actions through automation and gives your sales agents a way to manage many contacts efficiently. Besides identifying prospect’s contact information, the solution tracks all the activities that your sales agent has undertaken. This provides a view of how many times the prospect has been contacted and the services the customer has purchased. Dynamics 365 Sales keeps your activities organized and efficiently filter out potential leads than any other application.

2. Efficient customer engagement

Dynamics 365 Sales provides an AI-powered workspace where your sales team can engage with the right customer, stay focused and enhance productivity. The solution helps to capture emotions, sentiments and priorities of customers while making calls. Your sales teams can use email templates and soft phone dialer to make customer engagement more powerful. Create quality personalized emails using the template feature and engage your customers in an appealing manner. Dynamics 365 Sales also lets you track customer commentsand feedbackand helps you make the best move that improves sales engagement.

3. Customer Insights

Customer data is crucial to improve sales productivity. When Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales, you can successfully merge data from various points of sales. Getting a comprehensive view of your customers across every sales point helps you to improve sales performance. Dynamics Customer Insights combines customer data from across various channels and enable businesses to deliver customized experiences to customers. With unified data your business can drive sales engagements and stay ahead of the competition. The solution provides a complete view of your customers and helps salespeople to forecast demands based on transaction and behavioral data.

4. Automating routine tasks

You can automate the sales process and close more deals. Sales force automation helps manage and prioritize leads, tap into more sales opportunities, and frees up time for sales professionals. This helps your team stay focused on core activities, drive more revenue and close deals quicker. Dynamics 365 Sales allows automating the process of creation of records and follow-up tasks, and this helps to reduce the tasks of your sales team and focus more on their selling duty.

5. Foster Relationships

Integrating LinkedIn sales navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales helps your sales team to capture and nurture leads. The solution provides insights into the LinkedIn activities such as the recent job changes, recent news and other activities. Sales people can easily view this information and make contact with the right prospects. The salespeople can use the main features of LinkedIn from Dynamics 365 interface. This enables your sales team to build more important relationships, sell smarter, enhance productivity, and drive sales performance.

6. Make seamless collaboration

You can encourage real-time collaboration within your sales team using Microsoft Teams. Team members can collaborate on their work, share information, and documents and communicate in real-time. You can access customer insights and data in Microsoft Teams and this helps your sales team to collaborate productively. The intuitive, personalized workspace provides a comprehensive view of your sales and enables you to act swiftly.

7. Sales on the go

Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to gain real-time visibility into your sales activities from any devices including mobiles and tablets. With the latest features your sales team can have all the data at their fingertips and can be on top of their tasks from any part of the world. Your sales agents never miss any important meetings while on the go. They can join Teams meetings, view details, and attend information and more.

With all these features Dynamics 365 Sales is needed for your business – it helps to identify potential leads, build customer and business relationships, launch products, fulfill orders, and follow up. The solution helps sales agents to manage and prioritize leads at various stages of their sales cycle. Dynamics 365 Sales not only streamlines the job of sales agents, but also helps leaders and managers to get a consolidated view of the entire sales cycle. You can get the support from leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner UAE like LITS SERVICES or IAX DYNAMICS to get Dynamics 365 Sales implemented for your business.

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