The Clever Ways to Make Money from Property

Building a healthy nest egg might feel like an impossible task when facing many bills, social invitations, and financial responsibilities. For this reason, you might feel eager to grow your cash flow to enjoy financial freedom throughout the years.

The real estate market provides endless opportunities to help clever investors generate a substantial return and a bigger nest egg. Here are the clever ways to make money from property.

Flip Properties

Property flipping is one of the best ways to make money in real estate. Your goal should be to find, buy, and renovate a rundown property in an up-and-coming or sought-after neighborhood.

Some neglected homes might require significant TLC to transform into attractive, comfortable, and practical properties. However, others might need minor improvements to attract many buyers, such as a splash of paint, new flooring, or modern updates.

How to Get Started: It might feel impossible to enter the property market if you don’t have the appropriate finances to get started. However, you can apply for fix and flip loans from Sachem Lending, as they can fund the acquisition, renovation, improvement, or development of one or more properties.

Rent a Room

If you don’t have the time or desire to flip properties for a profit and would like to generate extra money from your existing home, consider renting a room to a tenant. It’s an ideal choice for single homeowners or couples hoping to boost their monthly cashflow, as the monthly rent can pay your mortgage, fund grocery shopping, or build healthier savings.

How to Get Started: Many websites are available to advertise an empty room in your home. Bear in mind the average rental price for rooms in your neighborhood,the room’s size, and if a tenant will receive any extras, such as free utilities or homecooked meals. However, you must check your Homeowners Association (HOA) requirements and learn about local laws.

Rental Properties

If you like the idea of renting but don’t want to welcome a stranger into your home, consider investing in residential and/or commercial property rentals. Tenants will pay a fixed sum each month to rent a property. The more desirable the location, the higher your rental income can be.

How to Get Started: Similar to flipping properties, you’ll need to source initial capital to purchase a rental property. Renting is a great option for those willing to commit to a second monthly mortgage.

The monthly rent you receive from tenants will likely cover the cost of mortgage repayments for the property. Plus, you can use any excess funds towardessential repairs, maintenance tasks, or investing in additional properties.


Real estate provides many ways to make money from property. However, you must make an informed decision to pick the right path for your finances, work ethic, and commitment level. Research an opportunity, learn about the real estate market in your state and city, and identify your legal requirements to create a clear, realistic plan that will provide a huge return on your investment.

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