How to use Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector

Smart air bubble sensors are used in various fields. The actual structure determines which sensor to choose in the medical, biomedical, biotechnological, chemical industries, hotels, restaurants, semiconductors, or system optimization and control industries. In this article, we are going to mention the uses and working of ultrasonic air bubble detector. The bubble detector is a useful tool that helps in the bubble detection.

Methods Used for the Bubble Identification by the Ultrasonic Detectors:

Ultrasonic detectors use two methods to identify bubbles. One test involves projecting sound waves from one transducer to another that measures the waves through the water. The second method requires pulse resonance. Sound waves are sent into the water and reflected and processed by the same transmitter For three basic configurations for pipe scaling. Ultrasonic bubble detector sensor offer maximum flexibility in bubble sensor sizes. Working together Customizable ultrasonic sensors for use with any size pipe. It is made using in-house 3D printing technology for consistent print quality.

Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector

Air bubble detector circuit are essential components for controlling and monitoring submersible pumps in innovative valve and typical valve applications. These are equipped to include occlusion detection. Follow the flow of the liquid. Provide motor control information and, in some cases, feel the quality of IV fluids.

Typical Characteristics of Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detector and Sensor:

  • Extremely reliable sweep frequency design prevents ultrasonic sensor output from drifting due to temperature, aging, or environmental conditions.
  • The built-in self-test feature of the air bubble tube detector provides 100% single error coverage.
  • wide constant temperature range
  • Dry blends with PVC, silicone, and other styles of tubing. with dense, thin, or reinforced walls
  • The potential pulse width depends on the size of the bubble. This allows consumers to track bursting air bubbles.
  • The ultrasonic air bubble detector maintains precise sensitivity without calibration.
  • Chemically compatible with common medical-grade cleaners.
  • vibration resistant
  • The noninvasive design eliminates the issue of sterility and fluid compatibility.
  • High noise immunity against EMI/RFI
  • No audio jack is needed.
  • Below are some of the ultrasonic air bubble detector that meet the requirements.

1. Drip chamber

  • This is a liquid level sensor.
  • Clear unibody structure
  • reliable pulse-type intrusion prevention ultrasonic technology
  • Environmental noise resistance to EMI/RFI
  • Made for various diameters and tapers.
  • Positive drip chamber or pipe blocking effect
  • Compatible with soft and squeezable drippers and drip tubes.

2. Mini air bubble

  • High resistance to EMI and RFI interference.
  • Cost reduction, low energy consumption
  • Compact model, an unlimited number of times.
  • various pipe sizes
  • integrated electronics
  • Ultrasonic Intrusion Prevention

3. AD8 /AD9 / ADU

  • A compact integrated model with a “MEC” circuit
  • Configurable microcontrollers expand applications.
  • Reliable noninvasive pulse ultrasonic technology
  • Customer defined air detection limit or response

4. Ultrasonic clamp, air bubble, inline air, and liquid level, sensor

  • non-invasive, non-contact liquid
  • The BDC clamp design comes with a support base.
  • Multi-user dedicated electronic solutions
  • The BDR clamping style is hose or pipe assisted.
  • vibration resistant
  • Air measurement limits or user-specific tolerances

5. Ultrasonic, air-in-line, and liquid bubble level sensors

  • Robust sensor design, noninvasive, ultrasonic method.
  • A compact integrated model with BD3 circuit
  • Wide range of tubing sizes from 1/16″ (1.6mm) to 1.0″ (25.4mm) with 4mm OD tubing.
  • Environmental noise resistance to EMI/RFI
  • Dry solder gel / No solder gel required.
  • The air detection level or response can be assigned to the user.

6. Point Air Sensor (PAD)

  • The modular design includes an integrated MEC circuit.
  • Reliable, non-invasive pulsed ultrasound
  • The air detection threshold or air bubble volume can be adjusted according to our customers’ specifications.
  • Modify a variety of interchangeable vinyl assemblies that include fluidic grooves.
  • Customizable microcontrollers expand circuit applications.

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