How To Fold a Sweatshirt Easy Ways

Are you tired of your sweatshirts ending up in a crumpled mess every time you try to fold them? Fear not! In this guide, we’ll show you how to fold a sweatshirt like a pro, ensuring that it stays neat and tidy until you’re ready to wear it again. Whether you’re organizing your closet or packing for a trip, mastering the art of folding a sweatshirt will save you time and frustration.

Simple Steps to Fold a Sweatshirt

Step 1: Lay Your Sweatshirt Flat

Start by laying your sweatshirt on a clean, flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases on sweatshirt to ensure a neat fold.

Step 2: Fold in the Sleeves

Next, fold the sleeves of the sweatshirt inwards towards the center. Make sure to align them neatly with the sides of the sweatshirt.

Step 3: Fold the Bottom Hem

Fold the bottom hem of the sweatshirt up towards the neckline, creating a straight line across the bottom edge.

Step 4: Bring the Hood Down (If Applicable)

If your sweatshirt has a hood, gently bring it down towards the neckline, ensuring that it lays flat against the back of the sweatshirt.

Step 5: Fold in Half

Now, fold the sweatshirt in half vertically, bringing the right side over to meet the left side. Make sure that all edges are aligned neatly.

Step 6: Fold in Thirds

Finally, fold the folded sweatshirt in thirds horizontally. This will create a compact and uniform shape that is easy to store or pack.

And there you have it! Your sweatshirt is now neatly folded and ready to be stored or packed away. Remember to follow these steps each time you fold your sweatshirt to maintain its shape and keep your closet organized. Happy folding!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re short on space or looking for a more creative way to store your sweatshirts, try the “Marie Kondo Method.” This popular folding technique involves folding your sweatshirt into a small rectangle, similar to how you would fold a T-shirt. Not only does this method save space, but it also allows you to easily see all of your sweatshirts at a glance, making it easier to choose the perfect one for any occasion.

To use the Marie Kondo Method, start by laying your sweatshirt flat with the front side facing down. Fold one side of the sweatshirt towards the center, then fold the sleeve back towards the center as well. Repeat this process on the other side, then fold the bottom hem of the sweatshirt up towards the neckline. Finally, fold the folded sweatshirt in thirds horizontally to create a small rectangle.

Whether you prefer the traditional folding method or the Marie Kondo Method, mastering the art of folding a sweatshirt will help you keep your wardrobe organized and your sweatshirts looking their best.

So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the satisfaction of a neatly folded sweatshirt!

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