How To Find Someone on Onlyfans Without Username

OnlyFans has emerged as a popular platform for content creators and subscribers alike. This subscription-based service allows individuals to share exclusive content, often of an adult nature, with their followers. However, navigating the platform to find specific users can be a challenging task, especially without their usernames. In this blog, we will explore various methods to find someone on OnlyFans, from searching by real name to utilizing social media and other creative approaches.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform where creators can post content and receive payment directly from their followers or “fans” via subscriptions. It has gained popularity for its adult content, but also hosts creators from various other genres like fitness trainers, musicians, and artists.

How to Find Someone on OnlyFans with Username

1. Searching Onlyfans Name on Google

Try typing the person’s name followed by “” in Google. This may return profiles on OnlyFans if the creator has used their real name.

2. Finding Someone on OnlyFans by Real Name

While OnlyFans doesn’t allow direct searches by real name, third-party websites like TruthFinder or BeenVerified can be used. These sites search public records and social media platforms to find a person’s digital footprint, including potential OnlyFans accounts.

3. How to Search OnlyFans by Email

Use reverse email lookup tools like PeopleLooker or Spokeo. These services can find social media profiles, including OnlyFans accounts, linked to a specific email address.

4. Searching by Email on Google

Another method is to attempt signing up for OnlyFans with the target email. If it’s already in use, it suggests the person has an OnlyFans account, albeit without revealing specifics.

  1. Go to
  2. On the search bar, type in
  3. Sign Up or Register at OnlyFans.
  4. Login to your account
  5. Search the profile

5. Find Someone on OnlyFans by Location

Websites like OnlyFinder allow searches by location. However, success depends on whether the creator has listed their location on their profile.

  1. Go to Onlyfinder official website.
  2. Enter a location on the search engine.
  3. See for the results.

6. Finding Someone on OnlyFans by Phone Number

Services like Spokeo can perform reverse phone number lookups. Inputting the phone number might reveal associated social media profiles, including OnlyFans.

Spokeo gives you the ability to find out if the person you’re connecting with has an OnlyFans account, helping you avoid potential online scams.

  1. Go to Spokeo.
  2. Enter the phone number on the search bar.
  3. See the results.

7. Find Someone on OnlyFans by Image

Use reverse image search tools like Social Catfish. This can be effective if you have a photo of the person and they have used the same image on their OnlyFans profile.

  1. Visit: Social Catfish official websites for Reverse Image Search
  2. Search: On the search bar, click the Image tab.
  3. Results: Upload the Image and wait for the results.

8. OnlyFans Search By Social Media

Many OnlyFans creators promote their accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check their profiles for any mention or link to their OnlyFans page.

9. Using the OnlyFans Search Bar

The OnlyFans search function is limited but can be used to search for keywords, hashtags, or names that might be associated with the person you’re looking for.

10. Searching for Someone on OnlyFans through Reddit

Reddit has various communities where OnlyFans creators promote their content. Search for the person’s username or real name in these communities.

To find Onlyfans account through the Reddit, follow below steps:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Search “Onlyfans” at the Reddit search bar.
  3. Select the communities, people or search for.
  4. Choose the subreddit and explore.

11. Find Someone on OnlyFans Without an Account

This is challenging as direct searches on OnlyFans require an account. However, external search engines like OnlyFinder or FansMetrics can be used without an OnlyFans account.

12. Using People Search Services

Services like BeenVerified provide background information and can help find OnlyFans profiles through reverse searches of phone numbers, emails, addresses, or images.

13. FansMetrics

FansMetrics offers a search feature along with analytics about OnlyFans creators. It’s a great tool for finding content creators based on various parameters.

  1. Visit Fansmetrics websites
  2. Now, start typing social media usernames, or the location of OnlyFans profile.
  3. By clicking on the “Search” button.

14. OnlyFinder

OnlyFinder is a non-profit website that lets you search by name, location, or keywords. It indexes over 3 million profiles, making it easier to find someone on OnlyFans without a username.

  1. Go to OnlyFinder website.
  2. Enter the name of the person on the search bar.
  3. You’ll see the list of profiles and click on the exact profile which you’re looking for.


Finding someone on OnlyFans without their username requires creativity and the use of various external tools. While these methods can be helpful, it’s important to respect privacy and consent when searching for individuals on such platforms.

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Are these methods guaranteed to find someone on OnlyFans?

No method is foolproof as it depends on the information available and the privacy settings of the individual’s account.

Is it legal to use these methods?

Yes, these methods are legal as they utilize publicly available information or require consent for more in-depth searches.

Is OnlyFans only for adult content?

No, while OnlyFans gained popularity for hosting adult content, it has evolved to include creators from various genres. You can find content related to fitness, music, art, education, and more on the platform.

Can I remain anonymous on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans allows users to choose their level of anonymity. Creators can use aliases and are not required to reveal their real names. Subscribers can also maintain privacy by using usernames that differ from their real identities.

How secure is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans takes security seriously and uses encryption to protect user data. However, users should set strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and be cautious about sharing personal information to enhance their security.

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