How a Hot Desk Scheduling System Maximizes Your Workspace

Office culture isn’t the same after the pandemic, whether it is a corporate space or shared coworking space. Nowadays, due to the rise of remote work or work from home, the concept of hot-desking is gaining popularity day by day.

What is Hot Desking?

A hot desk refers to a system of organizing your workspace by permitting employees from a different company to work where and when they choose, and a hot desk scheduling system simplifies the process.

Hot Desk Scheduling

What is Hot Desk Software?

Hot desk software allows employees to book their own space or desk on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hot desk scheduling helps increase productivity by minimizing interruptions from other coworkers who find the empty desk for work or meetings.

It allows different employees to use the same workspace for work, meetings.

Space Managing workspace efficiently brings significant cost savings and an increase in productivity.

Collaboration – allowing space to share with others gives freedom to your workspace. Working next to employees whose paths never cross due to another department, increase conversation and collaboration across the business.

Flexibility – host desk scheduling allows us to schedule a space whenever and wherever we want. It also allows brainstorming between colleagues and the first step towards a flexible working environment in your office.

How Hot Desking Works?

Hot desks require designated private and shared working spaces. The design of the workspace depends upon the requirement and the space available.

It should contain universal amenities like access to plenty of power outlets, a strong Wi-Fi signal and private space to take calls using dedicated business phones.

A workspace should have:

Shared lounges
Brainstorming areas
Conference rooms
Printing facilities
Storage areas for personal items
Additional tech resources

How Hot-Desk Scheduling Works

Hot desk scheduling software allows booking the physical desk from the workspace. The software shows a virtual map of the workspace to make these reservations more intuitive.

Book your personal space now!

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