Hiring Java Developers in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used by developers and companies worldwide. Many big and small businesses have relied on the language for building enterprise, distributed, mobile, big data, game, e-commerce, and desktop applications. Hence, organizations are always looking to hire Java developers for their existing and upcoming projects. 

It is a class-based, object-oriented programming language used to develop web and desktop apps, games, mobile apps, and much more. Java has been in the software development industry for over two decades and is still waxing strong.

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However, recruiting talented Java developers is not easy as companies have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to find the ideal candidate. In this article, we will discuss the applications of Java, reasons for choosing Java for your tech stack, and some best hiring practices to help you hire the best talent for your organization. 

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Applications of Java

Scientific Applications

Java is a robust and secure language utilized for scientific programming. It can help create interactive GUI components and graphical simulations, and perform numerical calculations, providing immense benefits to the scientific community. Java provides enhanced flexibility due to its object-oriented architecture, multi-processing capabilities, and integrated graphics library, allowing developers to build scientific applications faster.

Web Applications

Companies use Java to build scalable web applications with the help of technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP), struts, Hibernate, servlets, Spring, etc. Examples of web applications built with Java include Murex, ThinkFree Office, Opera Mini, etc.

Mobile Applications

J2ME or Java ME framework helps in cross-platform development and building mobile applications for all Java-supported devices. Examples of mobile applications built using Java include Netflix, Tinder, Spotify, Twitter, etc.

Enterprise Apps Development

Java is the preferred programming language for developing enterprise applications as it helps create the most scalable, robust, and secure applications. It provides security and memory management features and frees unnecessary space, increasing the performance of large applications.

Game Development

Java is widely used in mobile game development and supports a 3D engine. Game development companies often look for game developers with experience in Java to build highly functional and intuitive game applications. Some famous games built on Java are Saints Row, Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, and many more.

Why Choose Java for your Next Project?

Let’s look at some of the significant benefits offered by Java for your business.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Since Java is an open-source language, all you have to do is write the code once and use it anywhere. You can use the same code for cross-platform development, i.e., Android and iOS platforms, which saves a lot of time and resources.

Robust and Secure

Security is the primary concern of many companies, and it’s the innate capability of Java. Industries like fintech, healthcare, and education use Java to build secure and reliable applications for various reasons, including the absence of pointers, strong memory management, automatic garbage collection, JVM, and more.

Always in Demand 

Java is easy to learn and use. The language has been in the space for the last 27 years and has a large community where developers help each other overcome roadblocks. According to a survey, 1,006,630 live websites are using Java. Many companies depend on Java for developing software solutions and are actively hiring dedicated Java developers. 

Tips for hiring Java developers

A Java developer must have a strong blend of technical and non-technical skills. Here are some tips you must keep in mind while hiring a Java developer;

Define your requirements

Before hiring any candidate, it is crucial to define the project requirements to get a clear idea of the skills and experience to look for while evaluating applicants. For a developer to be an excellent fit for your business, you must hire a developer who meets all your requirements. 

Advertise your job posting

Apart from publishing jobs on platforms such as LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, etc., you should also check online forums and groups where developers are primarily active such as GitHub and Stack Overflow. These platforms can help you hire dedicated Java developers. You can also get in touch with outsourcing companies that will help you employ remote Java developers from different parts of the world.

Assess their technical skills

An ideal Java developer must have the following skillset:

Core Java skills

Every Java developer should have a deep understanding of the core concepts of the language. The developer must be familiar with OOPS, interfaces in Java, design patterns, and abstract classes.

Web technologies and frameworks

You must hire developers well-versed with technologies like HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS, as they are the foundation of web application development.

Frameworks are required for developing APIs, web services, and resources. Some famous Java frameworks are Grails, Play, Struts, Spring, and Spring MVC. Ensure that the candidate has an excellent working knowledge of these frameworks.

Knowledge of version control

Version control tools such as GitHub help keep track of changes made to the code and collaborate with other developers working on the same project. Java experts must be familiar with version control systems to ensure smooth development.

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Multiple rounds of interviews and tests

The hiring process aims to find the best developers that fit perfectly with the job description. You can have multiple technical and non-technical interviews and live coding tests to see whether the applicant is a good fit.

Great Cultural Fit

Always look for developers who are a great cultural fit for your company. It does not matter how skilled your developer is. If they’re not fit for the company, they’re not fit for the job. They should be able to align themselves with your business goals and be willing to work to achieve them. 

Therefore, hire a developer who can add value to your team rather than only going after technical expertise.


Java helps in building robust, high-performing, and secure applications for companies. Whether a startup or a big enterprise, Java can streamline the development process. Sourcing and hiring Java experts is challenging, but with the right approach, companies can recruit the best people for their projects and build applications that meet their business needs.

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