Digital Water Flowmeter: How Flow Measurement is Done?

Water is the essential natural source that is used in various industries. It plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing of food products, chemicals, petroleum products, and pharmaceuticals, etc. Therefore, it is highly important for these industries to measure the flow of water inside the pipes. Water flow measurement is a crucial action that is used to ensure that the required amount of water is available. Industrial applications that require storing water and wastewater treatment require the use of flow measurement devices. These devices work to detect water leakage and to keep control over excessive use of water. So, with the help of a digital water flowmeter, one can ensure proper use of water. These are the electronic devices that work to measure the flow rate of water. They are suitable for measuring water, fuel, gas, liquids, and air, etc., in the piping system and have many types.

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How Electronic or Digital Flow Meter Works?

Well, it is essential for you to understand how a flow meter can work to measure the flow rates. It is necessary to have insight into the working of these devices to ensure accurate results. So, a flow meter is a device that gauges the water or gases with volume or mass. It is also known as a flow rate indicator, flow sensor, or flow controller. The digital flow sensors are easy to use because they do not have moving parts. They work to measure the volumetric flow rate of water. These devices are purely made of electronics techniques and technology to work seamlessly and produce accurate outcomes. They are equipped with digital display screens to show the flow calculation results. Unlike mechanical meters, these devices are easy, quick, and safe to use for measuring the flow rate of different liquids.

Digital Meter Working Principle

It is simple to state that a digital water flowmeter automatically converts the measured flow rate into an electronic signal. The flow sensing element of the meter displays the result of measurement on the screen. Therefore, it becomes easy for the technicians to attain the correct flow measuring output to use for better flow control. The contribution of these devices is exceptional, so the industries like water treatment plants, food and processing, chemicals, petroleum, oil, and pharmaceuticals, etc., use them vastly. These devices are also enduring than mechanical flow measuring devices.

Popular Types of Electronic Flow Meters

1. Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

This is the best digital flow measurement sensor that has an electronic transmitter and sensor. It accommodates the need for a flow measurement using a magnetic field to capture the data. The sensor of this device is embedded with the magnetic coil that produces voltage. When the water or liquid passes through the pipe of the sensor, it generates a voltage signal. The generation of voltage signal depends upon the speed of the flow passing through the pipe. So, it computes the flow rate using the volumetric measurement method. The voltage signal is sent through the electrodes located on the flow tube walls. Thus, it helps the technicians to conclude the flow rate of water.

Features of Electromagnetic Flow Indicator

It delivers higher precision for water flow rate measurement and is suitable for enduring use.

It does not have any emotional parts that make it easy to operate.

It is available in large sizes to measure an extensive amount of water.

It can also measure water having debris and mixed with fructose etc.

2. Vortex shedding measurement

This is another popular digital water flowmeter that is used in various industries. It is best suitable to work where the presence of moving parts causes problems in flow measurement. This meter is available with industry-specific grades and sturdy material to work enduringly. It does not have moving parts, so it is favorable among industries to utilize. The vortex meter works through the vortex shedding principle for flow computing. It causes the flow to pass through the bluff body that causes vortices. The frequency of vortices generated is proportional to the velocity of flow. The flow velocity is then considered as the flow rate of the water flowing through the pipes.

Features of the vortex meter

This meter has the ability to measure liquids, steam, and gases.

It gauges the volumetric flow rate of the water.

It is very simple to use due to its simple design and not having moving parts.

The digital meter is ideal to use with low maintenance and costs.

3. Ultrasonic Measurement

This is also a perfect electronic water flow measuring device that is useful among industries. It works with sound waves to measure the flow rate of water. The meter uses sound waves in order to determine the velocity of flow flowing inside the pipes. The ultrasonic fluid indicator computes the time travel for the ultrasound waves that they take to travel from one corner to another. The time travel calculates the volumetric flow of the water and produces output through the transmitter.

Features of Ultrasonic Meter

It is a capable measuring device that can produce flow rates with changing profiles of flow, type of liquid, and material.

As compared to other flow sensors, an ultrasonic meter can be directly used to measure the flow rate of water.

It is a highly durable sensor that can withstand the measurement of different types of liquids. It is also easy to maintain and less costly.

When it comes to the flow rate measurement, this meter renders quality results with accurate measurement.

4. Turbine Flow Measurement

You can also measure flow rate using the digital turbine flow meter for water. It is equipped with an electronic transmitter to display the results and deliver accurate measurements. The device is equipped with free rotators that work to rotate along with the flow of water. When the water passes through the fluid-flowing pipe of the meter, the rotators move according to the speed of the water. This is a simple mechanism for water flow measurement that is considered used.

This meter is designed to measure flow rate throughout maximum and minimum pressure drop.

It offers high precision flow rate measurement results.

It displays pulse output for the measurement of water flow rate.

The Final Say

Working with a digital water flow meter is reliable and fast than mechanical devices. You can see many types of digital flow meters. But, it is vital to choose a suitable meter to accommodate accurate flow measuring needs.

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