Can You Use Apple Pay at Walmart?

Have you tried using Apple Pay at Walmart? You might have noticed that Walmart doesn’t show the Apple Pay logo in its stores. That’s because Walmart doesn’t officially support Apple Pay. However, there’s a workaround using the Walmart app. But it’s not as straightforward as just adding Apple Pay to your payment options in the app’s wallet. Below, is the step-by-step process to use Apple Pay at Walmart.

How to Pay at Walmart with Apple Pay

Now that you understand why using Apple Pay at Walmart is a challenge, let’s discuss how to work around Walmart’s restrictions. To bypass this, you’ll need an Apple Card. If you haven’t applied for this credit card yet, you can do so through the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad, or via Apple’s website using a web browser. Applying for Apple Card is fast and simple, with most approvals arriving within seconds. If you prefer not to open a new credit card, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this feature at Walmart. Now, let’s get into it.

1. Download Walmart App

If you want to use Apple Pay at Walmart, you’ll need to have the Walmart app installed on your phone. Go to the App Store and download the “Walmart: Shopping & Savings” app.

2. Sign In

Once the app is downloaded on your phone, either log in or create an account. You don’t require a Walmart subscription to use Walmart Pay, so you can skip accepting the trial offered to you during sign-in if you prefer.

3. Go to Wallet

Once you’ve logged in, go to the Account tab located at the bottom right side. Tap on “Wallet” to handle both new and existing payment methods linked to your Walmart account.

4. Add Apple Card

Select “Add New Payment Method,” and then tap on the “Credit/Debit Card” option. Now, enter your Apple Card details. This is the only method to use Apple Pay at Walmart: by adding your card to the Wallet and use the app during checkout.

5. Go to Services

Once you’re done shopping, go to the self-checkouts. Look for the QR code promoting Walmart Pay. Navigate to the Services section, found to the right of the middle tab at the bottom of the Walmart app, then tap on the Walmart Pay button.

6. Use Walmart Pay

Use the Walmart Pay feature in the Walmart app to scan the QR code at the register. Next, select your Apple Card as the preferred payment method. Follow the on-screen prompts until the checkout process is done. (Remember to take your bags and receipt!) Your Apple Cash benefits from the Apple Card transaction should soon show up in your Wallet.

Why Walmart does not accept Apple Pay?

Walmart probably aims to steer clear of the transaction fees associated with accepting Apple Pay. Here’s the deal: Apple usually charge a small fee from retailers for each Apple Pay transaction. Considering the sheer volume of daily transactions at Walmart, these nominal fees would inevitably accumulate into a substantial sum over time. Being one of the country’s largest corporations, Walmart evidently seeks to eliminate anything that could chip away at its substantial profits.

Additionally, Walmart must uphold its image as a provider of affordable prices. By declining Apple Pay, Walmart can manage its expenses and uphold its tradition of low prices. Bringing Apple Pay into the fold would entail significant costs for minimal benefits to the company. Given Walmart’s significant standing in the retail sector, prioritizing Walmart Pay over Apple Pay enables it to maintain profitability ahead of Apple’s. Ultimately, the unavailability of Apple Pay at Walmart likely stems from a blend of their competitive approach and the aim to retain authority over payment systems.

What payment method does Walmart accept?

Walmart also accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit, ATM, or check card
  3. Capital One Walmart credit card
  4. Gift card
  5. Affirm
  6. Paypal
  7. Cash
  8. Chase Pay
  9. American Express Checkout
  10. Venmo


Even though Walmart hasn’t yet integrated Apple Pay into its registers, fear not! You can still make your purchases using it by utilizing options like the Walmart app or other apps such as Ibotta.

Have you tested out this workaround yet? We’re eager to hear about your firsthand experience. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if it did the trick for you!

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