Bedroom Plants For A Healthier Night’s Rest

The bedroom is a very important section of the home because it is where the home’s owner gets a refreshing sleep. People often complain about insomnia and the stress that comes with it during the day. When you are not having a good sleep or cannot sleep at all, it may be the fault of how your room’s environment treats you. People are adding a few living plants in their rooms these days as a substitute for medications for insomnia. This is because plants have been known to bring a feeling of calmness to the people around them and also purify the air of intoxicants, adding more oxygen to the air. Plants flourish more outdoors but there are some that can thrive indoors as well. Let us see examples of bedroom plants that can make our night’s rest healthier.

Bedroom plants

The Spider Plant

Also known as spider ivy or ribbon plant, it is a species of the evergreen perennial flowering plant which is native to tropical Africa. In the U.S., it is grown as a house plant because direct sunlight especially during summer would scorch the leaves. The spider plant is considered to be one of the easiest air-purifying plants to grow as it is effective in removing harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and toluene from the air. It is perfect for a hanging planter. The spider plant will not only beautify your room but will also help purify the air in your room which is definitely beneficial when you are sleeping. For its initial growth, keep the plants in moderate to bright sunlight and water occasionally. Once you have had the plant for a year, you can keep watering moderately.


This plant is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family and is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Madagascar, Pacific Islands, Australia, and some parts of Asia. Gardenias usually perform best in full sunlight and if you must use these plants indoors, you must make use of grow lights to stand in for the sunlight it wouldn’t receive indoors.

The grow lights are necessary for the plant to be able to photosynthesize and produce its own food. The plant is a very fragrant flower that is capable of changing scents throughout the day.

Putting this in your bedroom would give you a spicy, zesty scent with green undertones. It also gives off a creamy reminiscent of coconut and fuzzy peach skin. It requires more maintenance than regular indoor plants though. If well taken care of, they bloom gorgeous scented blossoms that will be good fits for the bedroom.


This plant belongs to the mint family and is a genus of flowering plants. Lavenders thrive in the arid west but can be grown as annuals or container plants in the south since they don’t thrive in areas of high humidity. The plant’s flowers and essential oils are known for their soothing properties. Though it is not known by many as a bedroom plant, it can be used as one because it helps one sleep better. It is known to lower blood pressure and stress levels. So if you are struggling with sleepless nights, you can keep a small lavender plant in your bedroom. The plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Also, do not overwater it.

Peace lily

The peace lily is a genus of the monocotyledonous flowering plant and is native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia. It is very good as a bedroom plant because it helps filter the indoor air and increase the level of humidity, making it easier for you to breathe when sleeping. It also absorbs airborne mold spores. Its beauty is also known to bring calmness, thereby alleviating any feelings of stress in the mind and body. To care for this plant, water it regularly and expose it to moderate and bright light. Kindly note that this plant is poisonous and so should be kept away from children.

Boston Fern

Also known as the sword fern, this plant is a species of fern and is native to tropical regions. It is an evergreen plant that sheds often but can reach a height of 50 to 100 centimeters and in extreme cases, up to 150 centimeters. The lush ferns are not costly and their arching, green fronds always look beautiful. If you will be using Boston ferns indoors, you need to make sure that there are always enough grow lights to aid its photosynthesis. Make sure to water lightly too.

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Final word

There are so many plants that can serve as decorations in the bedroom. Apart from the plants cleansing the air of pollutants, recent research has been able to prove that plants in your bedroom make you feel less stressed, boost your mood, and make you more creative. Most times, the wall paints in our homes pollute the air with toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. The leaves of the plants absorb all these harmful gases through their pores, depositing more oxygen into the air. For this reason alone, you should make it a necessity to have plants not only in your bedroom but everywhere in your home as well.

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