7 Best Courses to Learn and Understand NFT

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you must have heard about NFT (Non-fungible tokens). Since their inception, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have been pretty popular with millennials and Zen Z. To understand NFTs in simpler terms, they are digital files that cannot be copied. These NFTs are based on blockchain and cannot be duplicated and stolen.


Currently, people are using these NFTs to create various types of art including graphics, videos, audio files, etc. By owning an NFT, you can prove your ownership, show it up to the world, as well as resell it for higher prices. Having an NFT proves that you have that one-of-a-kind art as well as certified ownership.

NFT courses online

NFT is a sort of certificate that is mostly based on blockchain and DeFi. These digital tokens can be purchased, stored, or resell similar to real-life certificates. However, unlike in the real world, these pieces of art are traded online on a blockchain.

Other than offering traders a chance to earn a profit, NFTs also have real-world benefits in real estate, medical, academia, gaming, and the supply chain industry. To sum it up, it can be used in any place where authentication and certification are required. However, learning to design an NFT is pretty hard for individuals. To solve this, you can hire Shopify developers. And with their help set up and store to sell your own NFT.

Best NFT courses online

Master NFTs in 7 Days Course – NAS Academy

One of the best courses that are available online is Master NFTs in a 7 days course by NAS Academy. This comprehensive masterclass will walk you through everything including understanding, creating, minting, as well as trading NFTs online. The course is taught by Ben Yu.

After enrolling in the course students can expect to learn key elements of NFT trading. Everything from what are safe investments, and how to identify and safeguard themselves against scams. The complete course will include a total of 6 modules and will start with the basics of how to invest safely.

The course can cost you up to 249$ while also offering EMI options to students.

NFT fundamental course – 101 Blockchains

Blockchain 101 offers a solid fundamental course for beginners to learn about NFTs. Anyone can enroll in this course and expand their grasp on the fundamentals of NFTs and blockchain. The length of the course is nearly 3 hours, which will allow students to learn about NFT and Ethereum.

The key POS of this course is that it teaches the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens. After learning all the technicalities related to NFTs, students will learn about the scope and objectives of non-fungible tokens. And, then the course will focus on how -to create the best strategy for trading, purchasing, and selling NFTs. After completing this course, you will be able to understand how NFTs are impacting the digital ecosystem and marketplace systems.

The course has over 4.7 out of 5 stars ratings and costs around 25$ per month.

NFT fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs – Udemy

NFT fundamentals: Buy, create, Sell NFTs by Udemy is the next best course for learning and understanding NFTs. Being one of the best courses available for beginners who are looking to earn money by investing in NFTs, this course will walk them through all the best practices of trading in NFTs.

After enrolling in the class, students will learn all the fundamental concepts of creating NFT. Taught by Geoge Levy, this course will also help you understand trading platforms such as OpenSea. In addition to all this, students will also learn about how they can create their own NFT, and advertise it.

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The course has over 4.6 stars out of 5 on the platform and costs about $11.99.

Build an NFT marketplace – Moralis Academy

Build an NFT marketplace by Moralis academy is another course that you can check out that teaches students about what NFTs are, how they work, and how they can be created. Once the creation of the NFT is done, they also help with their deployment on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other courses in this list, Moralis academy has focused this course on the development and deployment of NFTs, Web 3, Web3.js, MetaMask, Ganache, and Truffle. If you are a programmer who is looking for the best course, the Build an NFT marketplace by Moralis Academy is one of the best online courses available. The course costs 22$ per month and is rated around 4.8 stars on the platform.

Certified NFT professional (CNFTP) – 101 Blockchains

Another course on the list by 101 Blockchain is Certified NFT professional (CNFTP). Being another beginner course, it will take you through all the fundamentals of NFTs. In addition, after completing the fundamentals, students will be taught about development, design, deployment, and other important things such as identifying which NFT to buy and at what time.

With a period of 4 weeks, and costs $25 per month, this certification course will teach you everything there is to know about the Non-fungible tokens.

NFT Art Masterclass – Skillshare

The next compact program on this list is NFT Art Masterclass by Skillshare. The course is for beginners who wish to learn about the working and how-to of NFTs and blockchain. In addition to this, the class will also help you understand the basic functionalities of NFTs and how you can turn them into a profit.

The NFT fundamental class has a total of 12 lectures.

The course costs around $15 per month and also offers about a 30% discount for premium members.

The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs – Udemy

The last course in our list of 7 best courses to learn and understand NFT is the complete NFT course – Learn everything about NFTs by Udemy. The course has around 4.5 stars out of 5 ratings on the platform and is taught by Henrique Centieiro. This complete NFT course by Udemy, will teach you everything there is to know about NFTs and help you get started on your side hustle.


To sum up the blog, we would advise you to choose a course that is most suitable according to your prior knowledge in the field. In addition to this, you should also ask yourself if you want to be a designer or investor in the NFT marketplace.

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