You Need These 3 Tools for Your Online Business

In 2022, remote work is the norm. If your job is done primarily from your laptop, chances are that you have to option to work from home. 

Remote work is very comfortable. But it has its own challenges. Collaborating can be a headache. Zoom meetings are monotonous and laggy.

In this day and age, minimizing the number of meetings is essential. Let’s be honest. So many meetings are just there for namesake. Ninety percent of the people in the meeting have nothing to contribute.

Businesses and companies should use the right tools to reduce confusion in meetings. These tools should minimize time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks.

Startups need these tools the most. Startups must deliver MVPs and the following features at a rapid pace. They cannot afford to waste time.

Companies use these tools to bridge the gap between people. They make you feel like you are next to your team member, who is 1000 miles from you.

To beat your competition, you need a tool to help you beat your competition.

Let’s take a look at tools that can help you beat your competition.

Google Analytics

This is the first tool every website or an online business should integrate. When you pair GA with the Google search console, you get detailed insights on your top pages, broken pages, traffic, etc.

So what does GA do? Well, simply put, it gives you information on how users come across your page and how they interact with it.

You can look at the daily and monthly numbers to understand user behavior better. This makes it essential even for small websites that have barely any pages.

You can change pages and UX based on user behavior to accommodate users and reduce bounce rates. GA is one of the best tools to increase user retention rate.

The best part is that GA is free. Integrating it into your web app is as simple as adding the GA tag in your code.

You learn where your users are based out off and from which link they came to your page(If referrer information is passed).

You can also update your ads based on this information.

You also get the user’s engagement for different pages and can get an idea if the user is facing any UX issues.

In summary, you get four different types of data. The first one is general user data, such as from where the user is coming. Next, we have session data which counts each visit of the user. The traffic of a page pertains to page view data. Last, we have event-level data, which tracks clicks of buttons, links, etc.


If you need an excellent graphic design tool, look no further. Canva is the best tool to fix all of your problems and worries.

Editing a document or picture was a headache before. You could only do it with expensive paid tools, and you needed to download the humongous app on your system.

Canva has come out on top because of its freemium model and web app access. You don’t have to pay anything or download anything to use Canva.

It’s also great to edit PDFs and make them look professional.

If you are a marketer or solopreneur, you must use Canva. It lets you design various things, from social media banners to app screens with beautiful UI/UX.

The free plan offers countless templates and tools. If you want to upgrade, it is under ten dollars a month.

Canva is also great for designing logos and editing photos. You can adjust tones, remove backgrounds, and add effects to your photos with Canva. You can also use one of Canva’s many templates.

Using Canva’s Drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create beautiful designs, carousels, and images.

You can also use the content planner to post to your social media accounts on particular days.


This is by far the best SEO tool on the market. The free version lets you check backlinks and website authority.

The best way to grow your website is to use an SEO agency. The next best way is to use Ahrefs.

The paid one gives countless information about your website and starts at 100 dollars a month.

First, let’s look at what’s on the header. You have a site explorer, site audit, rank tracker, content explorer, and dashboard.

Let’s take a look at site explorer first. Here you put your website link. Once you do that, you get details of all of your backlinks, broken backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, top pages, and much more.

To optimize your keywords, you can use the keywords explorer. Put in something like Reactjs and get all the keyword possibilities and difficulties. You also get volume, CPC, and CPS.

You can choose which keyword to target based on your domain authority.

The Site audit feature is also very important. It will tell you if you have any errors in your pages, such as duplicate pages, orphan pages, large images, No outgoing links, etc.

The rank tracker lets you see your rank for particular keywords.

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