Why is IAM Software Important for Local Governments?

Local governments are responsible for a variety of functions within a defined area. As such, they collaborate with local people to deliver desired local priorities. However, the cases of cyber attacks have been increasing, exposing local government databases to threats. With this, the local government must invest in identity and access management software for database protection. So why is IAM software an essential feature for local governments to invest in? Keep reading the following guide for more discoveries.

Upholds Data Security Through Restricted Access

As different sectors are aware of the rising need to introduce secure IAM software, employing approaches that protect data is their top priority. As such, the local government that employs IAM software enjoys state-of-the-art data security and privacy and reduces the security breaches risks arising from unauthorized access through continuous monitoring. This mechanism ensures only the right people access systems at the most appropriate time and for exemplary purposes only.

With the implementation of this identity software, the employees and residents use biometric authentication to access any information on the local government’s systems. The IAM software ensures that only authorized parties-vendors, employees, residents, and contractors access the sensitive data and systems. It detects hacking attempts and unauthorized activities through email, text, and website phishing within and outside the local government’s physical entity.

Improves Regulatory Compliance

Although local governments take part in making regulations for people under them, they are also subject to complying with the set national standards. IAM software enables the local government to track, validate and report on their identities for compliance purposes. Identity and access management software aids in transaction monitoring and flags any identity fraud upon detection. In addition, IAM software eliminates phishing threats and therefore improves regulatory compliance.

Reduces Human Error by Streamlining IT Workload

IAM software can’t work solely independently. There must be an injection of processes and information technology personnel to improve the tools’ effectiveness. The software managers are responsible for onboarding new users, granting, denying, and removing access rights, and keeping unauthorized users out of the local government’s systems. However, IT personnel can unintentionally make errors in their duties, resulting in cyber attacks. Upon IAM strategy automation, however, the systems are free from human errors, which exist in manual processes.

Improves Accessibility and Effectiveness for Local Residents

Local governments’ roles include defense, postal, security, taxation, and immigration services, among other functions. In the current era, local governments have embraced online portals where people access any service anytime and wherever. All residents can access the authority’s websites, submit complaints and recommendations, or request administrative help. Therefore, local governments must use high-tech mechanisms that reduce costs while conducting transactions with the residents.

Cybercriminals continue introducing new threats, so local governments must employ constantly-innovating identity and access management solutions. As evidenced above, IAM tools are critical in all local government activities for their municipalities, regional districts, and residents. Once the government implements these solutions, it will ensure its data is secure and improve the processes to detect identity theft and cyber crimes.

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