Why Choose Aluminum Extruders from Wangeshi?

Aluminum extruders are the key element in any aluminum extrusion establishment. Choosing a high-grade extruder is the first step in getting it right in the extrusion business. 

You want to provide quality aluminum profiles that match your customers’ requirements to the smallest detail. Wangeshi provides aluminum extruders for various sectors, including aerospace, military, and construction.

Below are reasons to consider purchasing aluminum extruders from Wangeshi.

High-tech Models

Wangeshi provides advanced extruders technology-wise. That means you get high-end performance when making aluminum extrusions. The extruders are quick, accurate, and efficient to support production.

They are also highly automated to lower expenses and consume less energy to help cut power costs. Intelligent production ensures superior manufacturing, fostering efficiency during production.

Customization Is Available

Apart from offering upgraded extruders, Wangeshi also provides customization services. If you want some features changed on your extrusion machine, experienced staff can do it for you.

Manufacturing becomes easier when an extruder produces aluminum profiles in a manner that fits your needs. If you want a customized extruder, send your specifications to Wangeshi and let experts deliver a machine that matches your specific requirements.

Years of Experience

Wangeshi has 20 years of experience making different solutions, such as rod furnaces and sandblasting. The company started making produce extruders in 2011. The experience garnered over the years has enabled Wangeshi to make high-quality extruders for manufacturers. 

Over 88,000 machines have been sold so far, and over 900 businesses trust the Wangeshi brand.

 A Dedicated Research Department

Apart from offering high-tech models, customization, and experience in the industry, Wangeshi has a dedicated research and development department. Its major goal is to make high-grade products within the minimal time possible.

You can rest assured you are buying an extruder with a committed research team behind it. The fast speed, energy-saving models, customization, and intelligent manufacturing are a product of extensive research. The department is always looking for ways to improve extruder performance to ensure customers get to use the best technology.

Qualified, Adequate Employees

Wangeshi has expert employees to ensure you get a high-quality extruder for your business. They work towards making accurate, non-faulty extruders for satisfying manufacturing. Whether you need the standard model or a customized extrusion press, experts will make the equipment you want.

With over 300 workers, you will get your extruder in the indicated time frame. Enjoy the efficiency, convenience, and automation from Wangeshi extruders thanks to the expert staff.

Customers Come First

Wangeshi has customers at the core of its business. Clients get the extruders they need in the most minimal time possible to help reach production goals. Wangeshi adapts to customer needs, ensuring they get the products they need for manufacturing. As mentioned earlier, extruders can also be customized to match customer specifications.

Aluminum extruders are vital, considering the application of aluminum profiles in various industries. Manufacturers need fast, efficient extruders to meet the demand for aluminum extrusions. 

Wangeshi provides highly automated, quick, energy-saving aluminum extruders for various sectors. The machines are high-quality and customizable to ensure customers are satisfied. Reach out through email or call, place an order, and get an aluminum extruder your business needs to run efficiently. 

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