Top 5 Ways to Use Your Old Computer

Whether you are constantly buying new laptops or you have had the same trusty computer for years, at some point in your life you will find yourself wondering what to do with an old model. If your old PC is still in good working condition, there are still plenty of ways you can utilize it. Here are a few top uses for an old computer.

Old Computer

Salvage the Parts

Tech-savvy individuals who enjoy building their own PCs can save money on a new system by using parts from their old model. Salvaging parts from your old computer is a cost-effective way to create a new system. Parts that are often salvageable are the power supply, ram memory, and storage. Any other parts that are still usable but you don’t need can be sold on.

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Trade It in for a Newer Model

If building a PC isn’t something that interests you, why not trade in the entire computer for a brand-new model instead? California Computers offers computer and laptop trade in services. They accept PCs, Mac, tablets, and digital screens and can give you cash for your unwanted goods.

Secondary Computing Server

When it comes to content creation, another computer can help speed up the rendering process for your projects. Using your old and new PC simultaneously can save you precious time. Although all applications can differ, a lightweight application installation on the secondary system that enables the primary system to manage the rendering across all systems should do the job.

Dedicate It to Gaming

Those who have a passion for gaming can dedicate their old computer to their hobby. As a dedicated server for online multiplayer games, you can enjoy more control over how you play. A dedicated game server allows you to create a customized gaming experience and share it with other gamers. In addition to creating a dedicated server, you can also re-purpose your old PC for old-school gaming. Installing older systems will allow you to run classic games, such as Lemmings and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. For true retro gaming, multiple arcade machine emulator (MAME) software will enable you to play arcade games to your heart’s content. Using this software, you can play vintage games such as Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, and Ghosts and Goblins.

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Distributed Computing

Distributed computing describes a system in which software components are shared among multiple computers yet run as one system. The computers within the distributed system could be right next to each other or they can be strewn across the world. There are plenty of worthy public distributed computing projects to dedicate your computer to, such as Folding@Home. This distributed computing project allows people around the globe to band their computing resources together to gain biological insight into protein folding and how to treat disease. Another popular project was SETI@home which revolved around the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Although this well-documented project stopped distributing tasks in 2020, it attracted more than 5.2 million volunteers.

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