My Fault 2 Potential Release Date

After tremendous success of My Fault, Prime Video has officially announced the production of its sequels, Your Fault (Culpa Tuya) and Our Fault (Culpa Nuestra). The original film, which debuted on Prime Video on June 8th, quickly became a global phenomenon. Based on the bestselling ‘Culpables’ book series by Mercedes Ron, My Fault secured a spot in the top 10 most-watched films across over 190 countries, including major markets like the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, Argentina, and France, making it the longest-standing non-English-language local Original on Prime Video. The film features Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara in leading roles.

With the sequel My Fault 2 on the horizon, fans are eager for details about its release date, cast, and storyline. This article aims to provide all the information you need about My Fault 2, offering a glimpse into what the sequel holds in store.

My Fault 2 Release Date

Prime Video haven’t announce the official release date for My Fault 2, merely teasing fans with a “Coming Soon” banner. The announcement that My Fault was set to be filmed came on May 18, 2022, and the film made its debut in June 2023, roughly a year later. Based on this timeline, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the sequels to My Fault could grace our screens by June 2024. Rest assured, we’ll bring you the latest updates as soon as more information becomes available.

First Part Recap

The story unfolds around Noah, a young woman whose world is upended when her mother decides to marry a wealthy man, forcing Noah to leave behind her friends, boyfriend, and familiar life. Relocating to a grand country estate, she encounters Nick, her new stepbrother, who exudes a rebellious charm that Noah finds irresistibly attractive. Nick, known for his bad-boy antics, swiftly pulls Noah into a whirlwind of adventure and trouble. As the narrative progresses, their lives are thrown into chaos, marked by thrilling car chases, unexpected kidnappings, and a series of dramatic events that escalate towards an intense climax.


Sequels often bring back key characters while introducing new faces. “My Fault 2” would presumably feature the return of main cast members from the first part, alongside fresh additions to deepen the story or challenge existing dynamics.

  • Nicole Wallace as Noah
  • Gabriel Guevara as Nick
  • Marta Hazas as Rafaella
  • Iván Sánchez as William
  • Eva Ruiz as Jenna
  • Víctor Varona as Lion
  • Fran Berenguer as Ronnie


My Fault 2 is set to delve deeper into the complex and forbidden relationship between Noah and Nick, continuing to explore the boundaries of their connection. Additionally, there’s a strong possibility of seeing Ronnie make a comeback, potentially seeking vengeance against the pair, which suggests an intriguing subplot that the writers are expected to flesh out. The sequel also hints at uncovering more about Noah’s past, suggesting that viewers can anticipate significant revelations and development regarding the backstories of our protagonists.

Where to Watch My Fault 2

If My Fault was available on a particular streaming service or network, its sequel would likely to be seen on Prime Video.

Is There a Trailer for My Fault 2?

Trailers are key to promoting upcoming releases. There is no trailer for My Fault 2 as of now. An official trailer would probably be released several months before the premiere.

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